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Site zat dan ding

I site pen a membeer a tam luat loh zah in active velval lo in, Bandwidth pen zatloh pi in ki khol mema lel a hih manin ong post ziah ziah le ucin cih ong zawn nuam ing.

1. Member te in na page na pauh nop leh Taklam a setting ah pai inla, tua teh My Page ah pai lecin na deih dan in ki bawl thei hi. CSS tawh na deih leh…


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By Ngalliam



The need for Chin national unity is a long-felt and accepted commontask of all able and conscious Chin nationalists since the awakening…


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Interview with Salai Kipp Khaw Lian

Salai Kipp's interview with Spiegel Journal





(Source Chin world… Continue

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Waiting at Bus Stand




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Definittions of Life in Pictures


Fun & Info @ Keralites.net

Life is feelings!

Fun & Info @ Keralites.net

Life is happiness!…


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Na pum phellang khat bang ci zon ding?

Lai siangtho sung ah nih kigawm ciang khat ci pan ahih man in khat bek pen mi picing in kisim zo tak nailo cihna zong hi pian mai a mi picing leh, mi' muan leh suan i hih theih na ding in minam i makaih ma in innkuan a makaih thei ding ciang, a makaih zo ciang ihih masak phot ding kisam hi. Tua ahih man in mihing khat guak om ding hoihlo a, i phellang khat i muh hunhun leh hun lem hunhun in pumkhat i suah ding pen Lai Siangtho i deihna ahi hi.…


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WCC explores Christian self-understanding in context of Hindu religion

WCC consultation on Christian self-understanding in the context of Hindu religion at Bossey Ecumenical Institute,…

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WCC appoints new programme executive for inter-religious dialogue and cooperation

Clare Amos, WCC programme executive for interreligious dialogue and cooperation


When the general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit attends a day of prayer for peace in Assisi, Italy on 27 October, he will be accompanied by Clare Amos of the Church of England the new WCC programme executive for inter-religious dialogue…


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How To Download Premium Paid Products From Rapidshare, Hotfile etc For Free As a Premium User

I have posted this article in one of my forum site www.championsempire.com before, but lets me just repeat it here once again due to popular demand. As all had seen the increasing in Filesharing sites like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Mediafire, Uploading, Megaupload, etc . This all website are very popular but the main problem for us is that they donot allow multiple downloads, Resume Supported download,etc so to increase their Premium…


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Survey Jobs

Top ten free online survey sites that accept Nigerians and Ghanians. I don’t personally like doing online surveys, i prefer blogging, affiliate marketing and CPA online business. But owing to popular demands, many people who are just getting started to make money online especially Nigerians and Ghanians like starting with online surveys make money online. Just follow these top 10 free online survey sites below, Online surveys that accepts Nigerians, Ghanians and other African Nations, its my…


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Zolai, Zopau, Zongeina A manphatna

I kikupkup Zomi, Zolai, Zopau, Zongeina te hih Sermon ngai leeng kikupkup a kul lai diam? Zolai, Zopau theilo te abangci mihiam? cih hihlai ah kimuthei hi.

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Malaysia & Myanmar Refugee kikhek ding vai gencianna maleep


Malaysia kumpi leh Australia gam nih sung gamdang galtai 800 leh 4000 kikhek ding siangtak in hong suah kik ma thupiang ahi, Malaysia leh Myanmar thongkiate kikhek ding vai hang in mipi pawl khat a lungkham om hi leh kilawm hi. Mipi bek thamlo, makai sung pawl khat natawm a lungkham om dan hih tuak hi.
Hih vai ah a lungman huai tawh kibang phial mah hi. Ahi zong in Chin State (Zogam) sung pan a, Tapidaw khat a ding in lungkham huailo ahihna tawm cik kiallap in i kikum…

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Zogam (or) Chin State

Zomi te Zogam leh Chin tawh i buaibuai lai hiam? Kei ngaihsutna ah: Zo(mi, gam, lei ,pau, lai) pen i minam i hihna tawh Zomi/gam/pau/lai/lei a kici hizaw a, Chin cih ciangin Kawlgamsung a Chin State sung a om (Zomi) teng bekhuam hibek a Chin mi cih bang a om hilo hi. Kawlgam sung a state khat a i om lai teng Chin cih pen paihtheih om kasa tuan kei hi. Zogam in pen Zomi te a lom a i teenna mun huam kasa hi. …


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TENAGANITA Statement:Congratulations to Cambodia for the Ban;Shame on Malaysia for Enslaving Women & Children in Homes & Agencies




October 16th, 2011


Congratulations to Cambodia for the Ban;

Shame on Malaysia for Enslaving Women & Children 

in Homes & Agencies


Bravo to Cambodia for…


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Zomi icih ciang in

Zomi nam sung ah a bang teng kigawm khawm a hiam icih ciang in:-

1. A ut teng ki gawm khawm (Zomi hi ingh aici nuamlo te pen cih teitei ding hiloh hi cih Theory).

-Tua ahih man in Zomi a kici nuamlote Zomi hi lo hi ci in thukhen bawlna leh, midangte a ding en a khiatna va bawlsak. Minam khat i hihna en thukhenna bawl tawm sak (common sense leh common understanding tungtawn in).

2. Minam ihihna pen Sisan i thugen hi…


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The Truth about Zomi Politics

The Truth about Zomi Politics

(Demystified political movement and inclusive common interest among the Zomi people)

  1. Gam khat, minam khat I Politics icih pen mimal khat, khua kipawlna pawl khat, beh leh phung pawl khat bek tawh aki sai thu hilo hi. Gambup vai ahih man in gambup mah tawh kisai hi. Gambup, minam bup vaihawm ding ihih leh mipi’ theihpihna (consent) leh ciaptehna lak loh a phamawh ahi hi. Ahih hang in party…

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