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Welcome to Zomi Social Network

There are people working very hard behind the scene. Zomi Community Network website will not come into existence without the contribution, hardwork and participation of these people. We would like to congratulate them for their contribution, support and tireless effort for the Zomi people.

Nothing can be more beautiful than Team work and Team Spirit with a caring heart. We are here not to put anyone down but to lift each other up to share and care. We are here to bear your (our) pain together and celebrate our success together. After all, we all grow together!

I. The Administrative Members

This website will not be live and active without the contribution and participation of these wonderful people. Administrative Members They are the Most Important People (MIP) because social network like,, its significance and existence is based on the individual contributions combined. Therefore, all registered members share responsibility to provide accurate information at the same time share valuable contribution. Our utmost desire is to share a common cause, Peaceful, Resourceful, Informative and Friendly Environment & Community.


Each registered member at share ownership, belogingness together with other members alike. Therefore, Zomi Community Network is operated by each member and as such they are called, Administrative Members who play their great role in building up the Zomi.Net keeps growing because of these great people from all parts of the world including those who are in Zogam.


II. Supporting Team

Target Amount----$ 499.95/ Year (August 2010-August 2011)

The continual survival of Zomi Social Network depend upon the following seen/ unseen Supporting Team. We all can enjoy quality service because of their contribution. The Supporting Team are extremely significant people for the Network. They have contributed a portion of the Blessing they received and we pray that God will bless them a hundred and thousands folds. We would like to congratulate them at the same time thank for their support for a common cause.

No. Name Address Amount US$
1 Pa HL Kham Sian' Sawm (Buanli), IL, USA US$ 10 10
2 Pastor H.S. Langh Go Laang @ Laangpu SRBA, (Singunau), Myanmar Ks. 10,000 10
3 Pa Thang Sian Lian @ Lianboih (Mualbem), Malaysia RM 50 15
4 Lia Zomi Lover Yangon, Myanmar US$ 30 30
5 Tg. Pum Lam Thang @ Thangpu (Pyidawtha), NY, USA US$ 10 10
6 Pa Do Khan Khup (DK Khup) (Pyidawtha), NY, USA *US$ 108.9 *
7 Tg. ual Nang (Kalay ZOCIA), KL, Malaysia RM 50 15
8 Tg. Do Khua Khai (Kapteel-Lawibual), Melbourne, Australia US$ 50 50
9 Tg. Nang Sian Mung @ Mungpi (Laaitui), KL, Malaysia RM 50 15
10 Tg. Tual Khan Khai @ Thomas Khaipi ZOCIA, Germany US$ 15 15
11 Sia Cin Do Thawng @ Cinno Sizang Burmese Mission Church, USA US$ 20 20
12 Tg. Mang Sian Thang @ Thang (Yangon), Malaysia RM 50 15
13 Pa Mangsen @ moeangsen (Thalmual), KL, Malaysia RM 50 15
14 Pa Taang Sianpu (Saipimual), KL, Malaysia RM 50 15
15 Pa Tuangpu (Siallum Album) Suangdaw (TD), (YSBC), Malaysia RM 50 15
16 Pa Dal Do langh @ Langh Pangsak, Zomi Innkuan Singapore, SG S$ 50 36
17 Pa Tuan Lam Dal @ Dalpi (Artist) Gawngmual, Tedim, TBCY, Myanmar Ks. 3,000 3
18 Dr.Lian Sian Sing (Laaitui), Klinik Patel & Kim, Malaysia RM 50 15
19 Tg. Chin Suan Kap @ Kappu (Tonzang), Yangon, Myanmar Ks. 10,000 10
20 Kim (Sezang), TBC-Y, Yangon, Myanmar Ks. 5,000 5
21 Lia Vung Sian Niam (Teklui), Kawlpi, Myanmar Ks. 10,000 10
22 Tg. Cin Hau Mung (Yangon), Intouch Youth, Portland, USA US$ 10 10
23 Pa Suan Tawng | Zo Phualva (Tahan), UK US$ 50 50
24 Sia Vum Nang | ZRDP (Saipimual), Kawlpi, Myanmar RM 100 30
25 Pa Vung Lian Mang @ Mangpi (Tongciin), Tulsa, OK, USA US$ 20 20
26 Tg. Pau Khan Khai @ Pau Khai (Pyidawta), NY, USA US$ 15 15
27 Rev. Cin Kim Pau @ Kim Pau (Tuivial), Singapore, Full Gospel Assebly US$ 50 50
28 Tg. Pau Hat Thang | ZHA RTC, Cyber Internet Cafe, Kawlpi US$10 10
30 Tg. T. Do Mang Wisconsin, USA US$20 20
31 Tg. Hao Kim @ Thant Aung Khin Perth Western Australia, Australia US$ 60 60
32 Pa Mangsen & Nu Suh Suh, Tulsa, OK, USA US$ 30 30
33 Kam Lian Mung LEO Com.Net, Tedim, Zogam, Myanmar Ks. 10,000

Total in US$ 624 + Ks.10000


US$ i kisapzah i goal a tung a teng i mapanna tawh kidim zo ta hi. Zomi a ding leh Zogam a ding in a mapang khempeuh, sum leh paai tawh ahi zong in, mailam ah a mapang lai dingte ahi zong in i biak Pasian in thupha hong piaksak ta hen!

*US$ 108.9- 2008-2010 August dong sponsor hong piakhia.

I Zomi Social Network pen kum khat ai ding bek, kum khat sung bek bawl ding hilo a, kum 50, kum 100 leh khantawn a neih suak ding geel ihih man in kum khat ai ban ah a kum dang ai ding zong nangma panpihna kisam lai hi. Tua ahih man in sum leh paai tawh akihel sate leh, akihel nailo te in i vek in i mapan khop theih na ding mun ahih man in nang ma panpihna ki sam mahmah lai hi. Kawlgam, Vaigam hi ta leh leitung mun tuamtuam pan in kipia thei hi. Mapan pih na ding in veina leh kipiak zawh na na neih leh hih website tung ahi zong, ah ahi zong in hong theisak in.

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Comment by vincent TS Langh on June 23, 2011 at 9:26am

comment by ts langh Hyderabad ,India

thu tuamuam,Kawlgam leh leh USA lam ong zasak zel dih un aw...


Comment by vincent TS Langh on June 23, 2011 at 9:24am

zomi socialo network hibang a ong bawl khe te teng teng tung ah lungdam thu ong puak ing,ei chin(zomi) te mundang gamdang ah tampi i om lam uh hih site pan ka na thei hi..


Comment by thangsian mang on October 27, 2010 at 3:05pm
han ciam huai mah ei..guai..hih theih zah zah in...
Comment by carey suante on October 4, 2010 at 2:43pm
Thanop huai mahmah ei. Zomite pangkhom a hi bang na i sep khop ciang ..namtui mahmah hi.
Comment by Zomi Community Network on September 11, 2010 at 9:17am
Khasim in pia ding hi leng: US$ 49.95 Monthly
Kum khat ai piakkhiat in i piak leh: US$ 499.95/year* (save 17%)
A list sung ah a sum in akicing khin ahih hang a sum tang in ki ngah khin nailo (Pledge/ Faith Promise) bek hi lai ahih man in piak zawh zahzah tawh ma pang khawm ding kisam lai hi ngh.
Comment by Müãñg Pü Zomi on September 11, 2010 at 2:54am
HIh pen kum khat bag zah dan a hi aa Pu.
Comment by naalianzomi on August 25, 2010 at 6:23am
Hih bangaa, Zomi aa ding aa deihsak na tawh! sum leh pai, pilna siamna te siit lo aa a hanciam a pia khia te- Pasian in a thupha zah tampi tawh ong dawm kei ta hen.Amen.
Comment by Tg Mungpi on August 12, 2010 at 10:43am
Puak khop zaang... Neek khop lim, ci ei, guai... :) :) :) :) :)

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