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Site zat dan ding

I site pen a membeer a tam luat loh zah in active velval lo in, Bandwidth pen zatloh pi in ki khol mema lel a hih manin ong post ziah ziah le ucin cih ong zawn nuam ing.

1. Member te in na page na pauh nop leh Taklam a setting ah pai inla, tua teh My Page ah pai lecin na deih dan in ki bawl thei hi. CSS tawh na deih leh…


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Free tuition fee Online University: UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE

Mun tuam, gam tuam a om Zomi-te a ding in, a diakdiak pilna a thupi sim leh, mailam pilna a deih, sum leh paai ahi zo nailote a ding in Bachelor Computer Studies leh a dang course khat Free in kisin thei ta hi. A kicing zaw in zong kikup theih hi. Hih pen online university dangte tawh kibang lo in United Nations (UN) na tawm in a pahtak free Education system ahi hi. http://www.uopeople.org/…


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Please use "ZOMI" for Race Name in Census 2010 USA

USA Gam sung a om Zomi a kuamah peuh,

Hih limlahna sung ah Taang Thangho leh Liando a unau hi a, a u zaw ahi Taang Liando leh,

Taang Thangho (a zi Lia Mauzuang, a tanu Neino) teng

inn khat ah om kkhawm uh hi.

Taang Liando, a zi leh a tanu pen kum khat sung in a pute kiang, meltheihte kiang ah khual zin thei zeel uh a, a u Thangho ahih leh

khual zin ngeilo

in inn lawi ngeilo hi.

Hih Zomi innkuan mi 4 teng i Censua (lusimna/ mimalsimna) form fill… Continue

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Convention on the Rights of the Child

Leitung khantohna ici diam gam khangto tuamtuamte ah Human Rights

thamlo, Women Rights, Children's Right a kipan a, Animal Rights na tawm

neita uh hi.

Tuate lak ah a diakdiak in Asia minamte, Gammi sung khat a om minam tawm, ke khat (minority) ihihna tawh kizui in CRC aki

ci naupang khat ahih leh ama

a ding a ma tan/ amah hihna lahsakna "Convention on the Rights of the

Child" ci-in UN in thu khun a neih mah bang in hih thute pen mun

tuamtuam ah i… Continue

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The Seven Myths about Zomi and Chin

The Seven Myths about Zomi and Chin

By, Do Khan Khup, NYC.

Myth 1: Zomi pen ei sungteng (local) ah i zat hi bek a, Chin pen Kawlgam sung leh international ah midangten hong theihna ahihi.

Zomi hi ung a ci Zomiten Zomi pen ei sungteng (Local) ah i zang mah hi. Local banah national leh international…


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Windows Short cut-No. 1

Go to StartMenu>RUN> "Command "

Accessibility Controls


Add Hardware Wizard


Add/Remove Programs


Administrative Tools

control admintools

Automatic Updates


Bluetooth Transfer Wizard




Certificate Manager


Character Map


Check Disk… Continue

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Most Popular Slogan Collection

World Famous Slogan Collection


"Your flexible friend."


"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is."

Alka Seltzer

"You're in good hands with Allstate."


"Don't leave home without it."

American Express

"Think different."

Apple Macintosh

"Reach out and touch someone."


"Vorsprung durch technik."


"We try… Continue

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