Leitung khantohna ici diam gam khangto tuamtuamte ah Human Rights
thamlo, Women Rights, Children's Right a kipan a, Animal Rights na tawm
neita uh hi.
Tuate lak ah a diakdiak in Asia minamte, Gammi sung khat a om minam tawm, ke khat (minority) ihihna tawh kizui in CRC aki
ci naupang khat ahih leh ama
a ding a ma tan/ amah hihna lahsakna "Convention on the Rights of the
Child" ci-in UN in thu khun a neih mah bang in hih thute pen mun
tuamtuam ah i muh
ciang sau mahmah a, tam zezua ahih man in a man dong leh tel tak in ki
ciamteh thei khinlo thei hi. Hi mah ta leh a tomcing tak in akigelhna
pen a nuai a dan
in attach file ah na etsak un. Zomi te a ding in zong, a diakdiak Zomi
makaite a ding in akisam mahmah veve thu leh late hi ci in kaum hi.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

All Children, from birth to 18 years, have:

-The right to life
-The right to a name and nationality
-The right to be with their parents or with those who will care for them best
-The right to have a say and be heard when decisions are being made that affect them
-The right to have ideas and say what they think
-The right to practice their religion
-The right to meet with other children
-The right to get information they need
-The right to privacy and to have their good name respected
-The right to special care, education and training if they need it
-The right to health care and to be looked after if they get sick
-The right to enough food, clean water and a home
-The right to free education
-The right to play
-The right to speak their own language
-The right to learn about and enjoy their own culture
-The right not to be used as a cheap worker
-The right not to hurt or neglected in any way
-The right not to be used as a soldier in wars
-The right to be protected from danger and to be cared for if they come to harm
-The right to know about their rights and responsibilities

"Know your right and Respect other people's rights. Be responsible!"

Hih thu tawh akisai pen a nuai a mun ah kicing tak in omzo hi mah ta leh, a
tung a tomlakna ah kicing leh kitel mahmah pha deuh hi.


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Comment by Naulak Dim on February 14, 2010 at 10:46am
Sim tak leh theih tak mah mah ei. Hih bang aa nong share theih lungdam mah mah ei.

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