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New Zeland Zomi Innkuan (Nelson)

Dear All Zomi,

New Zealand Zomi Innkuan(Nelson) Inc Election 2012 “Executive Committee” makai thak akitel teng anuai a bang a hihi.

President --- Pa. Kham Suan Thang TUNGLUT

Vice president --- Lia. Zam Deih Cin (Theresa)

Secretary --- Pa. Khup Khan Suan

Treasurer --- Pa. Thang Tein Maung 

Religious Affairs officer --- Tg. Dai Za Pau KHUPSON 

Cultural Affairs officer --- Tg. Kham Khan Mang (Hau)



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Helping refugees in Malaysia find sanctuary with the right words

Helping refugees in Malaysia find sanctuary with the right words

Ngun Si (Myanmar and ROK) was a UNV Interpreter with UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from…

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A strange new world for refugees from Burma

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The "CSI" shows are a big hit. "Dancing with the Stars," too. And hamburgers! What a treat. Football, though? That's still a mystery, a demolition derby of huge men slamming into each other with few discernible aims.

America is both a challenge and an adventure for the Christian refugees from Myanmar in Jim Price's American citizenship class at Southside Baptist Church. It's a place that's almost science-fiction compared to refugee camps in the…

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Alternatives to Youtube

Alternatives to Youtube

The most alternatives to youtube listed all in one place. Here you can find other video sites and also find out how to download and play back the videos.

Be sure to visit our Video Search  page, where you can do FOUR SEARCHES AT ONCE - your results open in a four-paned window so that you can search for videos four times…


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Zomi-te a ding a ngaihsut huai tulai khuahun paizia pawlkhat

Zomi-te a ding a ngaihsut huai tulai khuahun paizia pawlkhat:

1. Aung San Suu Kyi (NLD) leh Galkap Kumpi Koi na mudah/ muang zaw?
     A. Kumpi te huhau in ahi a NLD huhau in hi ta leh Zomi kipawlnate leh mipi pawl khat in a zui a, akipawl uh ahi hi.
     B. NLD pen opposition party hi nawnlo in kumpi tawh ma pangkhawm ding in akiging, akithawi hi ta hi.
2. Kawl kumpi te leh CNF/A te koi na…

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Zomi Innkuan Singapore EC Teelcing Makaipi teng (2012-2013)

ZIS Mimal Khatciat-in ih Thubulphu leh Thungetna te’,

1.      “Topa aw.., na minamte tung aa nalah nop, napulaaknop, nasepnop na thuthuukte khempeuh ah ko hong zang in.”

2.      “Topa aw.., Kha mangthang khempeuh nangkiang kong tunpih zawh nading tha ong guan in.”

3.      “Topa aw…,Leitungbup aa kisam laisiangtho khensakzo ding in ong panpih in.”

4.      “Topa aw.., Nang adding aa anuntaakna uh…


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Location and Area

Myanmar’s territory lies in the Indo-China Peninsular between latitudes 09°,32’ N. and 28°,31’ N. and longitudes 92°, 10’ E. The total area of land and inland water bodies of the country is 261,228 square miles (676,581 sq.km.). In terms of area, Myanmar is the largest country in mainland South-East Asia. Myanmar has both land and sea boundaries sharing border with China about 1384 miles…


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To Whom It May Concern

Oh, my dear.........

When I was near to you,

Did you get the sense of warmth?

Really I burnt myself to make a light…

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ZIS tang in Huhna/panpihna hong piak sak teng,
Zomi Innkuan (Singapore) pan siamasate panpihna ZIS tang in hong piak sak a hi, 
(01) Pa Lian Tuang
(02) Tg.Tuangpu(ZIS)
(03) Tg.Zam Thuam
(04) Tg.Muangsan
(05) Lia Huai Mang
(06) Sia Simon
(07) Peter Khampu(Thu puak) te tung ah Zomi…

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Without hope, without reason

Endless detention ... the mother of Atputha, 7, and Abinayan Rahavan, 4, is considered a security risk by ASIO.

Legitimate refugees, including toddlers, are imprisoned indefinitely. Only ASIO knows why and it will tell no one, writes Kirsty Needham.

'I live like a dead man walking,'' says Suvenran…


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Judge will rule on fitness of refugee mother who left baby after birth

If court finds Nunu Sung unfit, she could lose parental rights to her son

Nunu Sung is in prison for obstruction of justice after abandoning her infant son in a neighbor’s yard in 2009. She is fighting for the parental rights to her son, who is currently…


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BANGLADESH: Rohingya Muslims wary of Burmese reforms

COX'S BAZAR, (IRIN): While the Myanmar government takes significant strides in political reform, Rohingya refugees in southern Bangladesh fear their condition may not change any time soon. 

They are skeptical about a string of reform moves by the Burmese government, saying they are not aware of any real improvement in the conditions which forced them to flee their country. 

"The situation has not improved," Mostak Ahmad, 35, an…


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Dear All,

Ih omna mun tawh kisai thu kitheihpihna ci-in a beisa kumbei kuanteng leh kumthak khit Kawlpi khuasung thu tawm khat a kihawmsawn i hi ding hi.


A thu dangdangte gen lo-in a diakdiakin a beisa kum Christmas pen amun mun ah thupitakin kibawl ciat hi. Nek leh dawn tawh a la kitam pha diak hi. Zanvak ahih leh pen GZA tawh kituak…


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Pa Thang Za Dal (Kum 62) Dahpihna

Zomi Innkuan USA kipawlna pan Dahna Pulakna
Oklahoma State, Guymon khuapi a teng Pa Thang Za Dal (kum 62) in tuni, Jan. 10, 2012 in a omna inn phual panin a leitung nuntakna hong nusiatsan ahih manin, adah akap a innkuan pihte leh meeltheih tanaute, pawlpimite akipan khua leh tui khempeuh tawh akibang Zomi Innkuan USA kipawlna Executive Committee pawlin nakpi takin kidah hi.
Pa Thang Za Dal pen US gam…

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Special Needs Education" Training for Refugee Teachers


It was a day of fun and learning for 22 refugee teachers who participated in a Special Needs Education training in Kuala Lumpur on 9 January 2011. The training, held for the second time, was voluntarily conducted by Linda Amrane Cooper and Nassima Hassan from the Cass School of Education and Communication at the University of East London (UEL).


"There are over 100…


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Internet body says name expansion won't hurt United Nations

(Reuters) - Internet domain name regulators on Monday played down fears by the United Nations and other international bodies that a planned expansion of possible Website addresses could cause them problems, saying safeguards were in place.

The world body, the International Monetary Fund…


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MYANMAR: High hopes for Karen peace talks

MYANMAR: High hopes for Karen peace talks

Zipporah Sein, general-secretary of the Karen National Union

CHIANG MAI, 9 January 2012 (IRIN) - Karen leaders are cautiously optimistic about the possibility of peace after more than 60 years…


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Zomi Innkuan Buffalo, New York makai kitelna nuamtak kizo

Dear Zomipih khempeuh
Tuni Jan/8/2011 ( Sunday ) ni nitak in Buffalo, New York khuasung a om Pa Kham Khan Suan te inn ah kum 2012 sung Buffalo Zomi Innkuan, New York ong makaih ding makai thak kitelna ka nei thei uh hi. tua mun ah mipi naupang kum 18 nuaisiah simloh mee khia thei mimal 36 kipha a kitelna nuamtak in kizo thei hi. hun manciangin ZCC pastor Thiau Luah Pau in makai teng thupha piakna leh pasian tung apna ong neihsak hi. hih kitelna tawh kisai telcing te…

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Etlawm Mualkuam Zogam Nuam

Etlawm Mualkuam Zogam Nuam
Tuan pupa le Zolianute'n

"E-etlawm mualkuam Zogam nuam" ci'n

Lam sai bualna Tunnu gam hi.

Gam kisa leh Zo phualvate'n

Sa bang tatna, namcin zatam

Pallun heisa, Tunnu gam hi.

Khangthak Tunnu, gam lei keugaw

Gam kisa leh Zo phualva'n lensanta

Namcin zatam, Zo heisate dang ta e.


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