Location and Area

Myanmar’s territory lies in the Indo-China Peninsular between latitudes 09°,32’ N. and 28°,31’ N. and longitudes 92°, 10’ E. The total area of land and inland water bodies of the country is 261,228 square miles (676,581 sq.km.). In terms of area, Myanmar is the largest country in mainland South-East Asia. Myanmar has both land and sea boundaries sharing border with China about 1384 miles (2226.85 km.), with Laos about 146 miles (234.91 km.), with Thailand about 1304 miles (2098 km.), with Bangladesh about 169 miles (271.92 km.), with India about 903 miles (1452 km.). Myanmar is bordered by Bay of Bengal on the west, Gulf of Mataban (Moattama) and Adman Sea on the south. The coast line from the mouth of Naaf River to Bayintnaung Point (Victoria Point) in Kawthaung is 1385 miles (2228.47 km.).

States and Divisions : Union of Myanmar consists of seven states and divisions.
1) Kachin State
2) Kayah State
3) Kayin State
4) Chin State
5) Mon State 
6) Rakhine State
7) Shan State
8) Ayeyarwaddy Division
9) Bago Division
10) Magway Division
11) Mandalay Division
12) Sagaing Division
13) Tanintharyi Division
14) Yangon Division 
Capital : Naypyidaw City
Commercial Hub : Yangon
Government Offices : Naypyidaw City (near Pyinmana)
Climate : There are three seasons in Myanmar.
Hot season :March to May (Average Temp: 30°-35° C )
Rainy season : June to September (Average Temp:25°-30° C )
Cool Season : October to February (Average Temp:20°-24° C )


Months Day Temp: C Day Temp: F Hours of Sun/day Rainy days/ Month
January 29 83 8 0
February 31 87 8 0
March 34 93 8 0
April 35 95 10 2
May 33 91 8 15
June 32 89 5 25
July 31 88 5 27
August 31 88 5 26
September 31 88 5 21
October 31 87 6 11
November 31 87 7 3
December 29 83 8 1

People :

Total population is over 52 million with about 135 ethnic races those who have their own languages, dialects and traditional believes and customary.

Language : Official Language is Myanmar. English is widely spoken and understood.
Religion :

Myanmar respects all religions but 89 % of total population is Theravada Buddhists, 4% is Christians, 4 % is Muslims, 1 % is Hindus and 1 % is Animists.

Food :

Myanmar cuisine represents an intriguing blend of Mon, Indian, Bhama and Chinese influences. The core of Myanmar meal is ‘Rice’ eaten with main course curry dishes mostly would be fresh vegetables, fish, chicken, prawns and mutton. Beef and pork are of little eaten by Myanmar people.

Cloth : Myanmar is still standing in wearing national costumes firmly.
Currency : Myanmar currency is known as ‘Kyat’ (Chat).
Three currencies are basically circulating in Myanmar: US$, FEC & KYAT.
Myanmar currency ‘kyat’ circulates in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 45, 50, 90, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 notes.
Local Time : The Myanmar Standard Time (MST) is based on 97`,30’ East longitude, is six hours and thirty minutes ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 
Electricity : 220- 240 V, 50 Hz, 10A


Available flights include Myanmar Airways International, Thai Airways International, Silk Air, Air China, Biman Airlines, Indian Airlines, Eva Air, Mandarin Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.

Overland entry is permitted for Thai tourists with border pass and for third party tourists with visa at Tachileik, Three pagoda pass, Myawaddy and Kawthaung check points along Myanmar-Thai border; and similarly for Chinese tourists with border pass and third party tourists with visa at Lwe-je, Namkham, Muse, Chinshwehaw, Kyukoke, Kwanlong, Mongla along Myanmar-China border.

Passport and Visa :

Valid passport with an EVT visa (Entry Visa for Tourist) is necessary. EVT visa can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy, Diplomatic Mission, Consulate General and Honorary Consulate General Office abroad. EVT visa valid 28 days and it can be extendable.

There are two types of tourist visa available.
Inclusive Package Visa- is required a tour confirmation letter from an authorized tour operator company in Yangon.
FIT Visa- can be issued without any tour confirmation letter.
Visa on Arrival can be requested with some extra procedures for those countries where Myanmar Embassy or Consulate does not exist.

Credit Cards : Credit cards and Travelers Checks are not recommended for the time being.
Airport Tax : Airport departure tax for international flights is US$ 10 per person.
Health : No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless coming from an infected area. Sufficient medicines should be brought and medical checkup should be made before arrival to Myanmar. International level medical care services are also available in Myanmar.
Insurance : Insurance is highly recommended before arrival to Myanmar. 
Customs & 
: Valuable things such as jewelry, camera, electronic and electrical equipments are subjects to declare on customs declaration form.


January 4th : Independence Day
February 12th : Union Day
March 2nd : Peasant’s Day
March : Full Moon Day of Tabaung
March 27th : Armed Forces Day
April 13th – 17th : Thingyan (Water Festival & Myanmar New Year)
May 1st   May Day (Worker Day)
May   Full moon day of Kason
July 19th   Martyrs’ day
October   Festival of Light
November   Tazaung Daing Festival and Mathoe Robe offering 
National Day
Dec/ Jan   Kayin New Year
December   Christmas Day

Best Time to Travel: The best season for traveling to Myanmar falls between November and February but Myanmar is a year round destination.


Sun hat, sun glasses, light jacket or warm cloth, sandal (flip-flop), light casual wear preferably cotton, small flash light, sun protection cream or lotion, insect repellent and extra passport photo etc.

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