December 2008 Blog Posts (3)

Love Letters: Lia to Taang

Dear Taang,

Right now it’s exactly 2.30 a.m. And I cannot sleep. Why?

Thinking of you…

I’m thinking…Oh Lord! Please make a way for us! You see, you said that it would be a great testimony to us if we can wait for two years. But I don’t want to; though I have no doubt that God can move in that way, I’m hoping for something more because…I don’t want to be apart from you for that long! Really, I don’t know God’s will but I’ve heard this said by many people and I also… Continue

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Ngal hapak dawksa, khentum kik ni

Ngal hapak dawksa, khentum kik ni

Khanglui Zomi makaite in zua leh sa pen khat leh khat ki lawmtakna ding, khat leh khat kinai zawk theih na ding leh mawhmaisakna ahih kei leh, khat leh khat ki theihsiamna ding in zang uh hi. Tua ahih man in amau a ding in zu leh asa a nek a dawn ding uh pen bang mah siatna om tuanlo bek thamlo in, a hohi zaw tawh kibang ahi hi. Ahih hang in tulai khangthakte in ahih leh zu leh sa pen ki khenna, ki telkhialhna, khutkhialhna, kamkhialhna suaksak uh ahih man… Continue

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Born a Zomi, die a Zomi: Critical analysis and modern approach

Zomi in kapiang, Zomi in kasi ding: Khangthak ngaihsutna leh Sanzia pawlkhat tel-etkaksakna

Leitung gam tuamtuam, minam, tuamtuamte' lak ah "lengla leh inntek" cih I ki lamdan zia leh a sep theih zah uh aikibang loh lam I theihsa ciat ahi hi. Gam zawngnate leh gam khangtona a tawm lai gammite in gam khangtona munte ah nasep, silbawl zong in, pilna kisin/ sin ding kin hanciam ciat hi. Mi khat in a sep thaman akingah kimna mun leh gamte ki manawh ciat hi. Tua khuhun paizia… Continue

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