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Here is the website you can visit and read for your Job Interview. a link bek hileh zong kicing lel mah hiven a hizong ki theisiam ni-ei guai..Here... …


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Apple’s Trade-In Program Just Got So Much Better


If you were thinking of dumping that old laptop, hold on a second. Apple has just updated its trade-in policy,, and you can now bring in any Apple product, as well as any desktop or laptop, for free recycling or even store credit. Yes, anydesktop or laptop, including PCs — and it won’t cost you a dime.

Thanks to some keen eyes over…


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  • Mihing khatkimciat in pilna, ciimna cihpen a kideihkim ciat hi. Ahizong in mikim kipil, ciim kimlo hi. Pilna, ciimna, theihtheihna cihpen a kisin tawmtheilo, a kileitheilo lah a kisam mahmah khat ahihi. 
  • Pilna, ciimna, theihtheihna te a kilei theihloh hang' i zatsiam theihna ding, i lapsaangna ding, i behlap na ding pen lei loh in kingahlo hi.
  • Ei Zomi te pen kipil/ciim mahmah hi cih keimuhna hi. A hizong in I pilna izat khiat na ding, i pilna i tawisan' na ding kilei…

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