Time and Love's story

There was once an island, there lived above happiness, sadness,

knowledge and love, there are other kinds of emotions.

One day, feeling that their island was about to sink, and then we are

ready to ship,
to leave the [url=http://www.getjordan.com]Air Jordans[/url]. Only

love stayed, she want to stick to the last minute.

A few days later, the island really sinking, and love to please

anyone's help.

At this time, riding a ship through rich.

Love ([url=http://www.airyeezys.us]air yeezy[/url]) said: "The rich,

you can take me with you?"

Rich replied: "No, I have many gold and silver on board, not your


Love to see the vanity in a gorgeous boat, said: "Vanity, help me!"

"I can not help you, you wet all over, it will break my beautiful coach

wallets ."

Sad over the love to her for help: "sad, let me go with you!"

"Oh ... ... love, I am very sad, want to own one for a moment!" Sad


Happiness passed by Love, but she who the day wear the

[url=http://www.pickonepair.com]supra shoes[/url]was too happy, yet she

did not hear Love called her!

However, a voice: "Come on! Love, I will take you."

It was an elder. Love overjoyed, he forgot to ask his name. After

boarding the land, the elderly alone, and walked away.

Thanksgiving not the love of the elders, asked Knowledge, another

elder: "help me who?"

"He is time." Replied the old man
of knowledge([url=http://www.coach-outlet.cc]coach outlet[/url]).

"Time?" Love asked, "Why did he want to help me?"

Knowledge-old laughed: "Because only time will understand how great

This article was writen by stone123 on 2010-4-12 from us-trade company

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