Their books schattered on the hall way.

Rain: I'm so sorry. I didn't see you.
Christina: forget it! You're just one of them.

She attacked him right away, as both of them are picking up their books. Being hurt by what she said, Rain replied;

Rain: what do you mean I am just one of them?
Christina: one if them who think they can get a girl by creating a scence.
Rain: what is a scence?
Christina: a situation, dummy! A situation to get a girl.

They talked loud as if students in the hallway were not there. He, being happy to be able to creat a simple scence, as she calls it. She, being angry about the strange boy who will make her late for class. Knowing she will be late, she just bomb him with every words she can.

Rain: then, you are wrong. Because....
Christina: because you didn't write the scence?

She asked with a sarcasm.

Rain: I did. But I just want to know you, as a friend.
Christina: did I mention that that phrase is every men's excuse?
Rain: but I am different.
Christina: oh well, how?

She asked again with a sacarsm bright in her eye, looking straight to his shy body language. Rain is amazed by how

beautiful she is. He is lost for a while; she is very familiar with that look because she has seen it on dozens of men's eyes.

The bell rings, all of the students head to their classes. Including the girl that just conquered his heart. But he is still

there. Waiting for Dr. G to bring him back to life. For he is in heaven, where he always is, when he is thinking deep.

Dr. G: hey, are you ok?
Rain: oh, well, yeah. What? I mean, pardon me.
Dr. G: why aren't you in class? Go to your class. And let this be the last time being late and all.
Rain: you mean, I am not in trouble?
Dr. G: another second in front of me, then you will be in front of my desk, in my room, for deten.....
Rain: oh, ok. I see. See you, Dr. G. Thank you. Bye. God bless. Later!

His voice fades as he get away from Dr. G into the class.

Dr. G: (he shakes his head and say slowly) kids.
Janitor: yeah, kids.
Dr. G: huh? Oh you. Yes, kids are different nowadays. Totally.
Janitor: totally, they don't even want to flush the restroom after they use.
Dr. G: what? That is what you are here for, wise man! Alright, let's do our parts, see you.
Janitor: (with a low voice that only his mop can hear) of course, Dr. G. Let's do our parts.

To be continued..........

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