Twenty minutes is all it takes to get to school. There they are.

Rain: Morning friends. What brings you so early, Clay? You're always late.
Clay: I am not always late.
David: Yes, you are.
Clay: No, I'm not.
David: Yes, you are.
Clay: No, I'm not.

David ignores Clay and turns to Rain,

David: Wanna know why? Because today is gonna rain.

Three of them laughed. This is just a joke format they use in their group. No one understands. But is very funny for them.

Clay: Really want to know why I am early today?
David: What is it, master Mysterious?
Clay: Have you seen this new girl?
David: Who? There are many new girls on our campus.
Clay: I know. I am talking about the most beautiful one.
David: Why are you so stupid? There are many beautiful girls on our campus. Plus, don't you remember that saying
"beauty is in the eyes of the one who look?"
Clay: Christina. There she is.
David: Christina. You're talking about Christina? She is a woman without heart. As beautiful as angel. As feelingless as iron.
Clay: Hey, Rain. What do you say you rain a little on her?
David: Rain? On Christina? What do you think Rain?

Rain is not hearing anything since he saw Christina. This is not love at first sight. But sure is breath taking at first sight.

If he was a hirier and she was applying, he might hire her without any questions.

She isn't the most beautiful girl he has seen. In fact, she is not that beautiful. She is just different. Big, good different from

other girls that can attract. What is the word???Got it. She is lovely, not beautiful!

David: He's gone again. Should I wake him up?
Clay: Just leave him alone. The class bell probably will wake him.

His friends know him very well. They just leave him lone. There, he is thinking about how to meet her. He sees that the only way is to meet accidentally. So he plans.....

To be continued........

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