The alarm placed next to his ear is trying its best to wake him up. But he is still dreaming. He strangely meet with an angel in his dream. They are having a big fun. No one or nothing can bother him now. Not the alarm. No sorrow, no tomorrow. Except his mom;

Mom: Wake up! Rain. Time for school! Don't make me come in there!
Rain: Don't worry. This lady is the house-keeper my mom hired.

He is still talking to the angle.

Mom: I am coming in! One! Two! Thr.......
Rain: I'm awaked!

He screamed. "Another day of school" He mumbled as he heads to bathroom. He took long as always, but not on his mom's nerves. Or else, he will hear "I am coming in! One, two, three" again.

His mom is a wise woman. Because she is good at calculating how long he will take in shower, in breakfast and bike to school. And wakes him exactly at the best time every morning. But for him, his mom is just a Dream Crasher. He has reason though, he lacks the courage to go near any girl. He is shy. Dream world, is the only place he can do what he wants.

Mom: Finish up! You will be late.
Rain: I'm done!

He is on his bike. Still chewing his breakfast. Straight to school. He doesn't even have the courage to stare at beautiful girls walking on his route. His friends make fun of him. But they are his best friends. So their 'making funs' do not hurt him.

To be continued...........

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