Rain: I brought my umbrella.
Christina: You knew today is raining? Your father must be the weather man.
Rain: Not funny. Happened to watch the weather channel yesterday.
Christina: Why am I feeling that the rain will get worse?
Rain: Come on. It's raining cats and dogs. You won't get home unless you just come with me.
Christina: Not with you. I don't want to be with you under an ambrella.
Rain: You're so stuborn. Your mom must had trouble when you were born.
Christina: That doesn't make any sense.
Rain: Here. Take the ambrella. I don't have anything special to do at home.
Christina: No, I'll just wait for the rain to stop, and another Rain to stop talking.
Rain: Fine. I just want you to relax and study at home.

His tone changes its color to sad. He thinks for a moment. And leave the umbrella at the feet of Christina. And he walks home in the heavy rain with heavy footsteps. She can somehow see what he is feeling. But to keep up her words, she just turns away. When he is out of her sight, she takes the umbrella and walk home. The umbrella protected her only from the rain, but she feels warm in a way she can't explain. A smile on her watery lip is praised by the sky with a lighting.

To be continued.........

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