Social InfoGraphic stats: 'Take a look at the interesting infographics, containing demographic statistics behind the most popular social networking sites in the world.

Prepared by Online MBA another infographics include:
1. Facebook (845 million active users)
2. Twitter (127 million active users)
3. Google + (90 million unique visitors)
4. Pinterest (21 million unique visitors)
5. LinkedIn (150 million registered users)
6. Reddit (5.5 million unique visitors)
7. Digg (4.6 million unique visitors)

Account for at least one of these social networking sites has 2/3 of adult Internet users.

The presentation shows how the distribution of users of individual services based on gender, age, education and household income. At each of the sites are available along with additional statistics.' How many of them are you using personally? It is a good time for you to try them out for yourself now which billions of people care so much about the social media... If you've got all, how is your experience like?

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