Internet Access Corner: An Extended Program of Tonzang Youth Library

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Program Description

The program “Internet Access Corner” is an extended program of Tonzang Youth Library, which is a self-support community library in Tonzang. The program will focus on providing sets of computer and basic computer training in order that the people may have a pathway of getting the latest up to date information of the world and social networking with the global family.

Tonzang Youth Library will provide basic monthly computer trainings to increase the number of people who can use computers and internet so that the number of people who stay connected with the global family will increase. A multifunctional color printer will also be provided in order that the latest urgent news or information is kept printed or the people may take home the information.


Program Background

For Tonzang, which is situated in the northern part of Chin State, transportation and communication are two major hardships that keep the solitary town stay isolated with the global family. The people have no rights of reading update information printed in the central part of Myanmar. Moreover, most of the people are not familiar with internet and computers. These are the reasons Tonzang Youth Library comes to extend the program “Internet Access Corner”.

If the program therefore is made real, it is deeply hoped that the number of people who are able to use computers and internet will increase. The people will have rights to read updated news or information of the world. The people will also have social networking with the global family.

Goals and Objectives

There are two major goals for the program, and specific objectives within each of the goals.

Goal #1: To provide sets of computer

Objective #1: The computers will primarily be for the people to use of internet.

            Objective #2: The computers will also be for the use of basic computer trainings.

Goal #2: To provide basic computer trainings

Objective #1: Basic computer training will be provided monthly to increase the number of people who are able to use computer and internet.

            Objective #2: A source of library fund will be created through the training.


There are two different clientele groups for this program. The first and primary clientele of this program are for the members of Tonzang Youth Library. The second clientele group of this group includes who are not members of Tonzang Youth Library.

Both clientele groups are important and essential components of this program. It is expected that significant learning will take place for both clientele groups.


The primary method for achieving the goals and objectives of the program will be the creation of a Corner in the building of Tonzang Youth Library. The Corner will be equipped with sets of computer and internet access. Moreover, there will be printer to make copies of news available the clientele to take home for further reading.


As an extended program, Internet Access will be under the administration of Tonzang Youth Library. The program will neither have staff nor volunteers.

Available Resources

  1. A relevant room will be provided in the building of Tonzang Youth Library.
  2. Power supply will be provided by the library.
  3. Internet Access will be provided by the library.
  4. A computer trainer will be provided by the library.

Needed Resources

  1. Computer                                            3 sets
  2. Printer                                                 1
  3. Computer Table                                 3 sets
  4. Computer Accessories


Budget for the Needed Resources








For 3 sets


Computer Accessories




Computer Table


For 3 sets











Best Regards,


Aung Aung @ Biak Lyan Sang

Director, Tonzang Youth Library

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