- These folks have some of the best software to make surfing and general computer usage a breeze. They even have a very small program you can use to set up your computer to host your own site. You'll find lots of good stuff here and it's free!.

  • Computer Tips

     - Technical Information Pages - The only stop for technical information related to the PC computer. You will find brief descriptions of each technology, technical information, interface pin outs, signal descriptions and more. We also have a large database with links to most major manufacturers and other related material.

  • Computer Tips and Tricks

     - Don't Climb the Walls get Solutions

  • Computer Tips dot com

     - The world's first absolutely free online computer reference site

  • Free PC Tech Guides
  • Hardware Central

     - Your source for in-depth computer hardware info

  • Help & How-To
  • Help on the Net

     - Tech Support Guy, is simply a resource of questions and answers for nearly any IBM compatible program

  • Help Site
  • HTML / Internet tips index

     - Technical Information, Demos, Tutorials, and Links for IIS and Related Technologies

  • Internet tips index
  • JavaScript tips index
  • Kim Komando Tips

     - The Kim Komando Radio Show

  • PC Guide

     - Their Goal is to provide you with the answers to your computing questions

  • PC Hell

     - Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It's that place you visit when your personal computer is driving you insane with problems, glitches, and so on. To try to soothe the frustration, we'll provide some tips, hints, and troubleshooting remedies to help you get out of PC Hell. Be warned however, sometimes there is no exit....

  • Mac Fix-it

     - Troubleshooting solutions for the Macintosh

  • MalekTips

     - Learn how to save time using your computer. Enjoy some great software. Get educated with our tips and industry news. Chat with others in our tech forums. And much, much more!

  • Mind connection's Tech Tips

     - You could easily make a case that computer designers deliberately add in user-unfriendliness. Thus, we have this library of tech tips for Mindconnection visitors. Check back often and look for new free tips.

  • PC911

     - Friendly Expert Computer Help - In Plain English

  • Programming tips index
  • Smart Computing Tips
  • Tek-tips Forum

     - Technical Work Forums for Computer Professionals

  • Tutorials

     - These free resources provide step-by-step instructions designed to help you learn Microsoft applications quickly and easily!

  • Update Your PC

     - Is Your Software Out-Of-Date? Keeping your software updated has never been easier. Quickly generate your personalized list of updates and upgrades for software installed on your PC.

  • Virtual Doctor
  • Web Reference

     - About the Web and Web mastery. From browsing to authoring, HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you in touch and informed.

  • Windows 95/98 Tips Page
  • Windows tips index

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