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A maid's Life in Singapore

Most of maid agency and employer in Asia country (especially Singapore, Malaysia, etc..)  did not see the maid as normal human being . They treat them as just a simple slave….they keep them even lower then their pets in house.


They don’t see maid as professional worker / house assistance. No respect even just as normal human being.


They need helping hands of the maids but they kept/treat maid as disgusting people in house…so let them eat in toilet/bathroom,…


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Christmas Gifts


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Nu leh PA' Kiangpan laikhak

Kongit Boihno,

Kateek zawk tektek ciangin hong theisiam in hong it tektek dingin hong lam en ingh.

Up mawh loh pi-in anbeel peuh sui kha in, mehtui peuh sabuai tung ah bua sak zelzel kha thei ingh. Tua bang ciangin hong tawng ngawh lo-in, hong tai gawp kei in. Bang hang hiam cih leh ka mit zung hoih nawn lo-in, kamit mangin khua hoihtak amu theih nawn lo hi’ng.…


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