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Essentially, it has to do with increased demand on resources. Over time we add: music, games, pictures, MOVIES!; and these begin to use up the finite resources of the computer. Before long, there are too many processes, too little RAM, and too little Disk Space.

Every year, 43 percent of computer users lose irreplaceable data. - PC Magazine

1. Backup Before anything else, make sure you save ALL your Documents, pictures, term papers, music, financial data, email, bookmarks, etc. You should always have and maintain backups.

Fix: Backup Important Data

2. Priority Updates. Make sure Windows is up-to-date: Our first line of defense against threats. We recommend using automatic updates.

Fix: Windows Update

If your PC is slower than normal at performing routine tasks, you may have spyware - MICROSOFT

3. Spies are watching. Spyware is a small program which records information about your internet activity and relays it back to thieves. Spyware will impede PC performance considerably. A sudden decrease in performance could indicate a malware infection.

Fix:Remove Spyware & other Malware

4. Virus infection. These are small programs, using resources on YOUR computer, which you never asked for, and make computer really slow! Keep antivirus software up to date.

Fix: Scan for Viruses

cleaning out unnecessary Registry keys can boost performance - MICROSOFT

5. Registry repair. Your registry is like a directory of all the programs you have on your system. This too can become disorganized and cause your hardware to run slowly. Speed up PC with a registry cleaner.

Fix: Clean and repair Registry

6. System breach. If you don't already have a firewall or don't think you need one you may want to review this step. Your computer could be sending and receiving unauthorized data. Do not be a spammer's zombie!

Fix: Use Firewall Protection

7. Unused Programs. Programs you do not use or do not need, require space on your hard drives, and in memory - making computer run slow, and possibly delay startup and shutdown.

Fix: Remove Unused Programs

8. Wasted space. Remove temporary and unnecessary files from your hard drive. Freeing up operating space can speed up your PC.

Fix: Run Disk Cleanup
9. File fragmentation. Over time, the data on your hard drive get broken into pieces, making them harder to retrieve and update. Result: Everything take longer to retrieve and save.

Fix: Run Disk Defragmenter

10. Disk Errors. Your PC spends much time reading and writing data to the hard drives. Low performance can be caused by badly arranged or erroneous data on your hard disk.

Fix: Run Check Disk

11. System Recovery. If your laptop or desktop seems beyond all help, but is only a few years old, you have another option ... restore computer to factory condition.

Fix: Complete System restore
12. Free utilities A collection of free utilities for the adventurous beginner and the technically savvy. Free antispyware, free antivirus software, free registry cleaner, and more, to speed up PC!

Fix: Free Utilities

"More memory: It's the quickest, easiest, cheapest upgrade." -PC MAGAZINE

13. Low Memory. Having enough memory can make the difference in speed. Eg., Windows XP runs very well with 2Gig or more, and well enough for most people with 1G, but a PC runs slower with less. Vista needs more. Adding memory can be the least expensive and yet one of the most significant ways to speed up computer.

Fix: Check your memory
"Windows ... may run slowly" (due to indexing service) -MicroSoft

14. Windows indexing service. The indexing service helps Windows OS find information faster. But if you are like most, it uses more resources than it is worth.

Fix: Turn off indexing

15. Eye candy. Some of the graphical options set by default are unnecessary. Speed up computer by turning off some of the glitter. Also extends battery charge on laptops.

Fix: Turn off video options

16. Dust in the machine. After hundreds of hours of sifting through household air, the computer literally accumulates dust in the fans and heat-sink. This problem especially affects laptops.

Fix: Blow away the dust!

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