USB product a tuamtuamte et theih pak ding in C & P ong bawl suk igh ei. A nei khin i om leh a zat nuam hiam, recommand hiam cih ki hawm sawn leng i vek in i lei ma in ki gensawn ciat ni. A lei tak leh zong recommend ki bawl thei leng thupi in ka lamen hi.
News: Intel Engineer Further Hints Chipset Support for USB 3.0 in 2012
Friday 17th September, 2010

As any enthusiast will tell you USB 2.0 is dead as disco, and USB 3.0 is where the future is! Everyone from Asus subsidiary ASMedia to Texas Instruments is hustling to get USB 3.0 controllers out the door and
into the hot waiting hands of consumers. Well, it appears some one at
Intel did NOT get the memo as one unnamed Intel Engineer let it slip
within hearing range of a Techon
reporter that it will not be until 2012 at the earliest before INTEL
puts USB 3.0 support into their controllers. Although this self same
"source" did acknowledge USB 3.0 market it about to explode in
popularity, Intel will be for all intents and purposes ignoring it for
full extra year.

This is of course is still only an unsubstantial rumor which goes counter to what they HAVE announced and implied in the past; but with Intel hot to
push Light Peak
over USB it does have enough creditability to almost sound like
something an Intel Ivory Tower Suit would come up with! If it is true
it does give not only all the other SuperSpeed USB chip makers some much
needed breathing room to gain market dominance but might just offer a
ray of hope to AMD. Interesting times indeed!

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In USB Technologies
News: Veebeam HD Wireless USB Media Streamer Hits 1080p
Thursday 16th September, 2010

Wireless media streaming is certainly gaining in popularity. After all, everyone want the power and flexibility a HTPC offers but not everyone
wants to spend the kind of cash needed to have one. Recently Intel and
their WiDi, have taken the limelight, but WiDi is a new standard with a
relatively small market acceptance. Conversely, nearly everyone already
own a fairly new laptop or computer that has enough horsepower for
1080p movies and have at least one free USB port!

Sadly, most previous Wireless USB options were capped at 720p. Veebeam understands this is a major weakness and as such has set out to over come it WITHOUT using WiDi. Their Veebeam HD streamer is not only capable of streaming in lower 720 "high definition" but can actually do 1080p over Certified Wireless USB.
In fact, it can not only stream movies from your Mac or PC but also
can literally your TV into a second monitor for it. With its HDMI port
for high definition and its RCA ports and S/PDIF port for digital audio,
no matter what standard your TV has you probably will be able to use
this bad boy. More importantly where it is a USB based device it has an
easy to use "plug and play" installation. With a price of $139, the
Veebeam HD streamer certainly is cheaper then buying a new WiDi capable
laptop and if you don’t need 1080p, the Veebeam SD at $99 is even more
reasonably priced.

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In Mobile Accessories
News: Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation Supercharged
Thursday 16th September, 2010

No matter how good and how long your various electronics battery life is, there are times when you will need/want/desire MORE then the built in
battery can provide and there is going to be times when a wall outlet to
recharge the battery is simply going to be out of the question. For
times like this an external battery pack is a godsend. Mophie knows
this and has made quiet the reputation on providing exactly this: LONGER
battery life through external battery packs. While Mophie has mainly
concentrated in on device specific batteries, not everyone wants to buy a
battery for each and everyone of their electronics.

Mophie knows this, and has wisely released their latest creation - the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation, which is meant to be a universal battery station for all your recharging needs. With its built in 3600 mAh battery, you should be
able to be get numerous charges out of it before it has to be recharged.
With its built in LED status indicator you will KNOW when it has to be
recharged. Add in an output of up to 2 amps and the ability to charge
darn anything which can be plugged into a USB port and the end result
does look like the ultimate universal charging station. The only
potential negative to this svelte power house is sticker shock. With a
MSRP of $99.95 it is not what you can call an "Impulse buy"! If you can
justify it is available for purchase directly from Mophie’s website.

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In MP3 Players
Review: Apple iPod touch 4 32GB
Thursday 16th September, 2010

In the Personal Media Player arena, one company certainly has quite the enviable reputation: Apple. Whether or not you drink the Apple flavored
(and branded and trademarked) Kool-aid or not, they do have a tendency
to produce highly polished user EXPERIENCES; and wrap them in some of
the prettiest packages going. Is the all new Apple iPod touch 4 a continuation on the venerable iPod name or is it nothing but hype? Let's find out! Read on for my full review.

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In USB Webcams , Camcorders & Digital Cameras
News: MS LifeCam Studio 1080p Webcam to Welcome Windows Live Messenger 2011
Wednesday 15th September, 2010

Microsoft has unveiled a mostly upgraded version of its Cinema, the full HD-capable LifeCam Studio. They've replaced the single megapixel sensor with a 2 megapixel for a max video output of up to 1080p. You'll need a robust PC to make use of
this level of video. While the webcam does support 1080p, you will need at least quad-core CPU running at 3Ghz or faster with 4GB RAM to handle the load.

Video conferencing software such as Skype 4 and the upcoming Windows Live Messenger 2011 will only support up to 720p at their highest. Having
said that, this additionally assumes that you have the bandwidth
available to you to support 1080p upload. MS recommends a dual core
3Ghz or better processor just to handle 720p recording. The truly
glaring omission from this high bandwidth peripheral is that it's
limited to USB 2.0. Not making this webcam USB 3.0
is mind-boggling. One can only assume that they afraid of getting
mistakenly overlooked due to misconceptions of USB 3.0 devices not being
compatible with USB 2.0 computers. So please continue to tell your
friends so we can get out from under the USB 2.0 yoke and start getting
better toys.

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In USB Mice & Trackballs
News: Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Extends Unifying Line
Wednesday 15th September, 2010

Ah, thank you Logitech, one of the few remaining benevolent manufacturers of trackballs. Today they bless us yet again with a new Wireless Trackball M570.
There are still quite a few of us that have found wrist relief with
this life saving input device. Similar to the endangered ergonomic
keyboard, trackballs
are religiously maintained by their owners as they are so are hard to
come by these days. Logitech continues to put out a decent new model of
both for those of us who have become addicted to the additional comfort
they provide.

The M570 builds upon the previous model with subtle changes to form factor and migration to the Unifying wireless adapter. Logitech's Unity is a
one-adapter-serves-all nano wireless adapter. All of Logitech's recent keyboards and mice
can be share a single Unifying adapter. This makes the tiny adapter
even smaller from a mathematical perspective. The M570 Trackballs also
get the boost in battery life common to all of Logitech's current stock
of rodentia. They claim 18 months on a single AA, which we have
confirmed with several personal observations of the aforementioned
critters in their natural habitat. Catch and domesticate your own at
the end of this month for only $59. Your wrists will thank you as you
both work together to get your corporate food pellets.

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In External Hard Drives
News: LaCie 2big USB 3.0 RAID Breaks Speed Barrier
Tuesday 14th September, 2010

For the first time, USB becomes the center of attention in LaCie's big prosumer-level storage line. The company's latest 2big USB 3.0 is the first in the series history to go with a single interface rather than multi-connections. While other members in the big storage family all have USB 2.0 to maintain compatibility, none of the owners hardly use it for obvious reasons. Now SuperSpeed turns the tide. The new 2big USB 3.0 - powered by Symware - is a dual-bay RAID solution with speed reportedly up to 205MB/s. That's
pretty impressive compared to FireWire 800 and even eSATA.

The LaCie 2big USB 3.0 will ship in both 2TB (2x 1TB) and 4TB (2x 2TB) model. You can set it to "Safe" and "Fast" mode which LaCie likes to
call it for RAID-1 and RAID-0 respectively. The RAID-0 is the only mode
that boosts the drive beyond 200MB/s mark. The aluminum chassis makes
it possible for the unit to dissipate heat without the help of a fan.
Backed by a three-year warranty, the 2big USB 3.0 has two vertical mount
accessible from the rear where you will also find RAID mode switch.
For this particular RAID, it's probably best to pair with Fresco Logic FL1009
host controller as Symware has been touting how its storage controller
is able to break new record with the said USB 3.0 host. Expect the
LaCie 2big USB 3.0 to be available soon for $349.99 (2TB) and $579.99

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In USB Technologies
News: DisplayLink SuperSpeed USB Video Gains HDCP 2.0 Approval
Tuesday 14th September, 2010

DisplayLink whose name is often synonymous with USB graphics has single-handedly created and virtually owned the market. (Though, this may change with
the entry of SMSC.) At IDF 2010, the company is giving a glimpse of the
its SuperSpeed USB video chip platform. Its DL-3000 single-chip
solution now reportedly takes full advantage of bi-directional bandwidth
by USB 3.0.
This means not one but two full HD display outputs over the same
compatible adapter. Current generation DL-195 can handle one 1080p
display but it's not without compromise. You can hardly use it for
fast-motion applications at full HD resolution.

In contrast, a single DL-3000 IC can easily provides fluid HD video playback over dual display in addition to multi-channel audio and 3D
capability. Perhaps the most important addition is the support for HDCP 2.0
for protected content compatibility. As with other DisplayLink ICs,
the DL-3000 will likely find its way into a wide range of peripherals
including notebook docks, mini monitors, mobile projectors, external video cards, thin clients and so on. Expect DL-3000 powered devices to ship as early as first half of next year.

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In USB Flash Drives
News: BluLightning to Make All Flash Cards Use mini-USB 3.0 Connector
Sunday 12th September, 2010

Some day archaeologists from the future will look back on the mess of connectors and memory standards and laugh themselves out our their
rocket boots. The recently proposed BluLightning standard aims to take
us out of the comically dark ages and remove most of the variety of
memory card types. Instead of dealing with the wide compact flash
connectors and any variety of tiny SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick, Duo,
Micro, etc., the BluLighting standard hopes that every large capacity
memory card will opt for a mini USB 3.0 connector. This will happily
make card readers obsolete due to the card being easily attached to a
simple mini-USB 3.0 cable.

While the size and shape of the card may still offer a few variants the SuperSpeed bandwidth should be at least near term future-proof. While it also won't be able to compete with the tiniest of form factors it should at
least offer a more suitable path for future developments. Let's hope
manufacturers buy into this one and start designing to available and
accepted interfaces instead of making up their own every time. Someone
make sure Sony is paying attention. The BluLightning standard has only
just been introduced as a concept but let's hope the light bulb flashes
on and everyone gets behind this terribly obvious idea.

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In USB Video Capture / PVR & USB Video Cards
News: Petite Nokia USB OTG Accessory Adds DVB TV Tuner to N8 Smartphone
Sunday 12th September, 2010

If you own one of the top of the line Nokia cellular phones, Nokia has unwrapped a piece of gadget-candy that will let you get a little bit
more out of it. The On-The-Go Mobile TV add-on cable
plugs into Nokia's micro-USB port and brings you any available DVB-H
signals available. This won't do you much good here in the states but
the DVB digital TV broadcast standard is gaining a foothold in Asia and
parts of Europe. DVB has seen tons of exposure in Korea and portable TV
devices are quite commonplace.

The tiny USB Mobile TV device is barely more than a cable in size, but has a 3.5mm headphone jack for TV sound. Once you are plugged in you can use
the tiny controls on the connector to change the channel and turn the
volume up and down. The price is also pretty tiny at roughly $50 as
well as the DVB signal, where available, is freely broadcast into the
air. If you happen to live in an area where you have access to DVB, the
On-The-Go Mobile TV should be available for order by the end of the

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In Flatbed & Photo Scanners
News: Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners Get Amazing Anniversary Makeover
Sunday 12th September, 2010

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, PFU Imaging Solutions is releasing a special edition of parent company Fujitsu's immensely popular ScanSnap Scanners.
The USB powered, bulk document scanner has been lovingly draped in
Urushi lacquer and gold accents. The new finish gives the ScanSnap
S1500 and S1300 the look of antique Japanese woodwork. This lacquerware
technique originated in PFU's home region in Japan centuries ago and
they have imbued their pride in their history honoring and transcending
their modern livelihood.

The limited run of these refined scanners only blemish one aspect of their previous incarnations, the price. At up to $3,200, these will only
likely make into the offices of their executives and as gifts to
business partners instead of retail sales. If you share the love of
either Fujitsu or computer components disguised as art, you may have to
work very hard to get your hands on one. 10 of them will be given away
in a lottery for anyone who buys one of the normal ScanSnap models or by
entering at their website.
That drawing will take place on November 10th. Anyone interesting in
buying one of them direct will need to contact Fujitsu directly, in all
likelihood these will only be made to order.

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In External Hard Drives
News: LaCie Minimus & Rikiki Join USB 3.0 Drive Line-up
Thursday 9th September, 2010

LaCie is no stranger to USB 3.0 as it has already started shipping SuperSpeed version of its Rugged portable drive. Specializing in designer peripherals, LaCie is pretty
good at coming up with curious names for their arsenal of minimalist
European style external storage. This pair of new mobile drives are no
exception. The aptly-named Minimus and Rikiki are respectively the desktop version and notebook flavor of USB 3.0 storage.

LaCie claims both Minimus and Rikiki are smallest of their kind. We would have to say Samsung S2 USB 3.0 is still the most compact in the portable 2.5" drive category as the said product is able to reduce size by integrating USB 3.0 controller
into the drive. Though, we have to give LaCie credit for the fully
recyclable, scratch-resistant brushed aluminum chassis, which compares
favorably to other drives' flimsy plastic case. Better wait for some
reviews before spending your hard earned cash on these as their
respective product webpages contain no information on the transfer

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In Smartphones
News: Mophie Juice Pack Air is Back with iPhone 4 Compatibility
Thursday 9th September, 2010

Mophie has debuted Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4. This is the follow-up to last year version that was tailor-made for both 3G and 3GS. Since the release of the original Juice Pack Air, a dozen or more competitors have emerged so
Mophie's updated version no longer dominates the battery case niche
market. There are however several things we like about the new Juice
Pack Air. First of all, the Juice Pack Air form-fitting case doesn't
ruin iPhone 4 design, mirroring the phone's silver streak. It even adds
a layer of rubberized finish, making slippery iPhone 4 easier to grip
than without the pack. It's all good until you start looking at it from
the side. The Juice Pack does add considerable weight and thickness to
your otherwise slim smartphone.

Granted, the 1420mAh Li-Polymer battery pack is supposedly a lifesaver which can jumpstart a dead iPhone and recharge the battery to the fullest. With
the Juice Pack Air, your iPhone 4 battery life effectively doubles to 11
hours of Internet browsing over 3G as opposed to just 6 hours without
the pack. Video playback now lasts up to 19 hours rather than 10. The
pack also acts as a virtual speaker box, redirecting sound from the
iPhone's bottom to the front. The Mophie Juice Pack Air recharges through micro-USB. It costs $79.95 and is immediately available with free shipping option.

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In USB Technologies
News: Intel to Announce USB 3.0 Support for Next Platform?
Tuesday 7th September, 2010

Judging by the reactions of the media outlets, everyone seems to be overly excited by the rumor that Intel intends to launch its first native USB
3.0 silicon and to ship it with the Cougar Point reference motherboard. However, this doesn't necessarily mean Intel will integrate USB 3.0
into the chipset level. The reason for the change of heart could be
that Intel sees Light Peak still has a long road ahead before it becomes
a standard and that the chip giant probably wants a share in the
lucrative discrete USB 3.0 solution market that is largely dominated by
Renesas. To date, Renesas and Fresco Logic are shipping USB 3.0 host silicons in significant quantity.

In fact, nearly all the USB 3.0 host chips shipped to Asus, Gigabyte and ASRock are from Renesas; only a small quantity comes from Fresco Logic.
ASMedia, VLI and other IC makers seem to be having some problems with
USB 3.0 driver stack, a major obstacle before they can get their chips
approved by the USB-IF. Of course, if the rumor (i.e. chipset
integration) is true, this coupled with AMD's confirmed plan to support USB 3.0 will most likely push the SuperSpeed interface towards mainstream a year earlier than expected. We are keeping our fingers crossed until IDF 2010.

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In USB Technologies
News: SMSC ViewSpan 5G - First USB 3.0 Video Interface
Tuesday 7th September, 2010

Finally, DisplayLink has met its match. SMSC Semiconductor said its ViewSpan 5G USB 3.0 remote graphics technology is ready for sampling. There's also
a USB 2.0 version, but it isn't anything to write home about. Like
DisplayLink's solution, SMSC ViewSpan 5G consists of a discrete USB
device controller that connects to the display and a piece of software
that handles the compression on a USB host system.

Our best guess is that there would be now be less compression involved as USB 3.0 can provide at least 300MB/s of bandwidth to the USB video sub-system. If DisplayLink can manage 1080p with only USB 2.0, it only makes sense
we can expect silk smooth video at beyond HD over multiple high-res
monitors. Docking stations, secondary monitors, mini display, thin-clients
will be the battleground for SMSC and DisplayLink. The former company
also intends to integrate USB 3.0 display, Ethernet, audio and flash
media into one chip in 2012. SMSC will be showcasing the ViewSpan 5G
USB 3.0 interface during IDF 2010 beginning September 13th.

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In Gaming Headsets & USB Speakers
News: Creative D220W Soundbar is Sound Blaster Wireless-friendly
Tuesday 7th September, 2010

Besides Bluetooth, Creative is also embracing its proprietary 2.4Ghz RF for wireless music streaming. There's in fact an entire ecosystem bearing
the Sound Blaster logo that includes a starter kit, a speaker set, a pair of headphones, a rock-lookalike waterproof speaker
and now, a soundbar. The Creative D220W - unlike the D200 Bluetooth
variant - receives lossless tunes from a USB dongle connected to either
Mac or PC up to 100 feet away.

The Sound Blaster Wireless doesn't piggyback WiFi so you don't have to worry about network congestion. Though, you may have to watch out if
you have a lot of RF-based wireless gadgets. The Creative D220W
soundbar has a pretty sleek form factor with a strong European styling.
Encased in the glossy black shell are some high-end amplifiers and
drivers that reportedly deliver deep bass and excellent sonic quality.
But Creative didn't give us any specs for the speaker. For just $169.99
MSRP, the D220W is pretty affordable for wireless lossless music
streaming considering the package already comes with the wireless USB

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In USB Mice & Trackballs
Review: SmartFish ErgoMotion Mouse
Friday 3rd September, 2010

The number of people suffering from Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is on the rise and so too is the number of “ergonomic”
mice available in the marketplace. Ergonomic mice are certainly nothing
new; however SmartFish and their ErgoMotion Laser Mouse
is certainly a new twist on the old way of accomplishing things as it
looks a heck of a lot like a normal mouse. As a sufferer of bilateral
CTS my question is does it work and is their any downsides? Read on for
my full review.

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In USB Technologies
News: Samsung Certified Wireless USB Modules to Go Mass Production
Friday 3rd September, 2010

Samsung is readying a new Certified Wireless USB solution that breathes new life into the dying UWB technology. The company cites the high-speed, low-power chipset - designated
S3C2680/S5M8311 - will enable video content to be wirelessly streamed
from a mobile electronics to a HDTV. Samsung has a diverse interest in
consumer products to create their own eco system. If they want to, they
could add the WUSB module into their arsenal of mobile headsets,
cameras, HDTVs, notebooks, home theater, camcorders and etc.

For Samsung WUSB solution to succeed, it must find its way into the company's smartphones, one of which can already sync video playback with
HDTV. WiFi sucks too much battery to leave it on all the time. For
this reason, Samsung WUSB module low consumption of less than 300mW
should be appealing, but effective throughput is still an uncertainly. A
high-end Toshiba laptop dock
powered by Alereon manages to boast 1080p video output, though keep in
mind that these docks usually aren't placed too far away from their
host. Another potential market is the SD add-on whose primary
competitor is the EyeFi. As of this writing, the chipset will go into
mass production in Q4 yet there's no word on the pricing.

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In USB Webcams , Camcorders & Digital Cameras
News: Sony Bloggie Touch Mini-camcorder Reminds us of a Smartphone
Thursday 2nd September, 2010

Only one thing comes to mind after a glance at the new Sony Bloggie Touch: is it a smartphone? As the follow-up to last year's MHS-PM5, the $200 Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20 shares the same minimalist design as an iPhone and a Google Nexus. The front of the handheld camcorder
is dominated by a 3" 230k-dot capacitive touch screen. So you do most
of the navigations through swiping. There's only one button below the
LCD. The power button is on one side while the HDMI connector is on the
other. The flip-out USB connector is revealed by pressing on the
release latch. Unfortunately, there's neither removable battery nor
expandable memory slot.

You will find a nice big lens on top of its curvy back brushed metal casing. And that's clearly distinguishes the Bloggie Touch from the
competitors. The f2.8 lens has much needed auto-focus and macro mode.
It can also record panoramic video with ease at twice the resolution
compared to previous Bloggie. Sony cites the Bloggie Touch's low-light
performance to be equally impressive thanks to the Exmor CMOS sensor.
The on-board accelerometer allows video to be shot in both landscape and
portrait mode - a feature first found on iPhone. We are still waiting
for a mini-camcorder that does 1080p60 for those fast motion recording,
but 1080p30 and 720p60 will have to suffice for now until Sony decides
to quadruple the built-in 8GB memory (4GB also available) to 32GB.
Still, we would suggest you check out the formidable Xacti VPC-PD2 (hint: optical zoom, built-in flash) first before making a decision.

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In MP3 Players
News: iPod nano Welcomes Multi-touch, Says Goodbye to Click-wheel
Thursday 2nd September, 2010

After five generations of nano, Apple now dumps physical button navigation in favor of multi-touch interface. The iPod nano's form factor is long
due for an update, but that click-wheel is obviously standing between
miniaturization and innovation. So it's logical to let go of the wheel.
This move could signal the end for the legendary click-wheel should
Apple also decide to phase out the iPod classic in near future. There's
a lot to like about the new 6th generation iPod nano.
With a tiny 1.54" touch-sensitive display and a size not much bigger
than the shuffle, it looks a lot like those cheap photo frame keychains.

The software interface is completely revamped, resulting in something that is reminiscent of iPhone's home screen. You are allowed to have 4
pages, each of which contain 4 icons. Like the iPod touch
and iPhone, you can customize each screen by moving these icons around.
Trying to scroll through the song list is by swiping in either up or
down direction. During playback, the album art dominates the entire
screen. Apple did remove a few things, notably the camcorder, H.264
video playback, and ability to run iPod games. FM radio, pedometer and
VoiceOver stay. There are now seven colors to choose from, down from
nine of previous generation. iPod nano 8GB will retail for $149 and the
16GB for $179. From the looks of it, the capable yet compact iPod nano
6G could cannibalize iPod shuffle even if the latter is now only $49.

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In MP3 Players
News: iPod touch 4 Almost Completely Matches Specs of iPhone 4
Wednesday 1st September, 2010

It isn't news that the touch has quickly overtaken nano as the most popular iPod. The Apple iPod touch has access to over 250,000 apps,
many of which are games that go for less than $10 and some are even
free. Now the iPod touch - as a portable game player - outsells
combined worldwide sales of Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. In many ways, the
iPod touch is just as important to Apple as iPhone. It isn't a
surprise that Apple matches the new iPod touch 4 features with that of the infamous iPhone 4.

Being only 0.28 inches thick, the fourth gen. iPod touch is basically razor-sharp version of iPhone 4, only without the phone part. The two
now share the same Retina Display (another way to saying a 3.5"
IPS-based LCD boasting 960 by 640 pixels); the same speedy Apple A4
chip; the same 3-axis gyroscope to make motion tracking more accurate;
ability to record 720p video with its back camera; and ability to run
FaceTime with its front camera. The iPod touch 4 will have iOS 4.1
built-in. However, future updates for touch will likely not be free
whereas iPhone 4 will definitely get 'patches' and major iOS as free
download. Pre-orders are available right now. 8GB will go for $229;
32GB for $299; and 64GB for $399. Curiously, Apple skipped 16GB

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August 2010

In External Hard Drives
Review: ioSafe SoloPRO Waterproof / Fireproof USB 3.0 Hard Drive
Tuesday 31st August, 2010

While most external storage customers don't mind the fact their data is more vulnerable than if it was inside because of the added convenience /
portability it offers; there is a group of people who want MORE
protection than simply sticking the drive inside a case. For this group
IoSafe has many makes and models. One such model is the 1TB SoloPro USB 3.0
model, which boasts not only tank like amour chassis, but water AND
fire proof abilities! Lets see how good this tank really is! Read on
for my full review.

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In Gaming Headsets & USB Speakers
News: Logitech Z305 Laptop Speaker - A Bus-powered 360-degree Sound Bar
Tuesday 31st August, 2010

Those hoping to turn a netbook into a portable movie theater are setting themselves up for disappointment. Those severely underpowered netbook
speakers are so lame that they alone create a new aftermarket
opportunity for audio upgrades. As a follow-up to the Z205 clip-on speakers, Logitech's Laptop Speaker Z305 sound bar is a no-brainer way to give any netbook a boost.

The extremely lightweight Logitech Z305 attaches to the back of the screen. This design is different than say the Z205 in that the Z305's speakers
are actually facing away from the user. Logitech cites this
bus-powered speaker projects sound more uniformly in all directions.
Both forward- and backward-firing drivers provide sound output that is
more tonally balanced. So you won't hear high and mid frequencies
dropping out when you move to the side of the speaker. All Logitech
wanted to do is to make a 360-degree sound system, but everything is
still marketing hype for now. Still, let's hope the $59.99 is worth
every penny.

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