The best thing about randomly hilarious public signs is something happened often enough to warrant them. With that in mind these fourteen bathroom signs are especially funny.

How many dumps have to be walked in on before this is thrown up?


How much bandwith is the dude surfing porno in the stall using up to warrant this sign?


How many times does your pool have to get diarrhea bombed before this goes up?


How much asparagus are you serving for this to become necessary?


How fucking talkative is the dude in accounting for this to happen?


How powerful does someone’s stream have to be to warrant this sign?


How many stall peepers is your bathroom experiencing for this to become necessary?


How much busted porcelain has one establishment gone through when it’s time to make this sign?


How far back are people standing that this reminder has to be tossed up?


How neon green does someone’s piss have to be to get this taped up?


How retarded are your employees when you feel it’s necessary to add this reminder?


How much do you want to hang out at this joint?


How many questions do we have about this happening?


And how many issues do the Japanese routinely run into in their restrooms?


Answer: A. Lot.

We really want to meet the dude who specializes in the roundhouse kick piss.

Funny Ads

Humor is one of the most frequently used elements in effective advertising. Whether it’s direct, blatant humor, or something a bit more subtle, a large majority of product advertisements use humor to
grab our attention and keep us interested while they advertise their

In this post, we’ll look at 40 creative and funny product ads from various companies, who have decided to use humor as a way of marketing their products. From cars, mobile phones, fast food and job searching,
you’ll see product ads from a variety of fields here.

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 Humour Pictures Words

 Humour Pictures Words

 Humour Pictures Words

 Humour Pictures Words

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