Check the Possibility of VIRUS in E-Mail

If you are using online mail services to exchange your e-mail messages then always check the file extensions that you receive as an attachment in email.

Suspected file extensions include:

  • .pif 

  • .lnk 

  • .zip 

  • .exe


When anti-virus scans these files, mostly it skips the virus scripts attached with the infected file sent via email. In .zip file anti-virus cannot extract the files to scan them for viruses. So, downloading these file extensions from the attachments sent by any unknown email addressee may harm your computer badly. EXE files also affects the computer systems badly coz it could have program to steal the information from your PC. These .exe files can connect to other systems, if you are working online, and transmit the information to the administrator of that .exe file.


.zip file could have any of the following virus script formats:

.ade, .class, .eml, .js, .ocx, .shb, .wsf, .adp, .cmd, .exe, .jse, .pcd, .shs, .wsc, .bas, .com, .hlp, .lnk, .pif, .url, .wsh, .bat, .cpl, .hta, .msc, .reg, .vb, .zip, .chm, .crt, .inf, .msi, .scr, .vbe  , .cla, .email, .ins, .mst, .sct, .vbs


Mass Mailing Worm Problem


Nowadays, mass mailing problem is becoming the big issue for internet community and internet consumers.

Mass mailing worm is also a virus script that sticks and hides itself within an email attachment. After infecting the client systems it steals the email addresses from all accessible files having email addresses and starts transmitting the auto email messages infected with mass mail worm to all the stolen email addresses.


Shared Links

Another new trend of spreading viruses by sharing links of new sites. These links can drop Trojans, viruses or any active scripts that can spoof your PC. These scripts connect your PC to the administrator of the scripts, who can trace every activity on your personal computer such as your passwords, personal documents, sent emails, received emails etc.

Always avoid the IP address links like


Always download attachments if they are from trusted sender. If the mail is from the trusted sender then check for suspected file extensions coz the email may be a mass mail worm.

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