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Domain name is now up for sale for $US 25,000. However, don’t start cursing those damn cybersquatters just yet, because the owner (and the seller) of the domain is none other than Susan Boyle.

Although everyone’s eyes are fixed on the British singing sensation, there is more than one Susan Boyle in the world. American artist, Susan K. Boyle, has owned the domain since 2002., but in the recent couple of weeks she’s experience a huge surge in traffic. Many of the visitors were unhappy about reaching the wrong site, while some of them figured that the singing sensation is into painting, leaving messages about loving “her” work.

Deciding that she doesn’t need that extra - and, for the most part, misdirected - attention, Susan K. Boyle decided to move her site to a new domain,, and sell the domain to someone that can make better use of it.

So, now we’ve got two famous artists named Susan Boyle: one paints, while the other sings. If you want to refresh your memory on the latest (singing) Susan Boyle performance (you know you do), you can check the video here.

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