A. Banghang in na Blogger ki phiat hiam?


1) Backup lo na hi khadiam?

2) Email post tamzatlua na hikha diam?

3) Post (or) Edit ngeilo na hikhadiam?

4) Gadget/Widget tam zatlua na hikhadiam?


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ahihkei leh

Click here inla laigual tawpna ah here a kici pen click inla na web address at in.

B. Banghangin na Blogger haisang(slow) hiam?

1) Gadget/Widget tamzatlua

2) Email post tamzatlua

3) na HTML sung ah akisamlo pawkkhat om..


Akicing in natheihnop leh www.theimual.co.cc ah hong hawh in



Why is my blog disabled?

If your blog is disabled, it will be listed on your Dashboard, but you will not be able to click on it to access it. If this is the case, there will be a grace period during which you can request that it be reviewed
and recovered. The disabling is a result of our automated
classification system marking it as spam.
Because this system is automated there will necessarily be some false
positives, though we're continually working on improving our algorithms
to avoid these. If your blog is not a spam blog, then it was one of the
false positives, and we apologize.






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