World leh Country aki bang a sakha laite a ding in gencianna


  1. First World- Americas, UK etc. dan, a khangto sa gamte
  2. Second World-Gam khangto laitak
  3. Third World- Gam zawng zawdeuhnate


  1. First Country-Country of Origin (Myanmar, Somali, Afghan, Iraq, Sri Lanka etc.)
  2. Second Country- Country of Asylum (Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia etc.)
  3. Third Country- Country of Resettlement (Japan, US, Australia, UK, Denmark, Norway, New Zelland, Sweden, etc.)
  • First World = Third Country (a tamzaw ah kibang khin zaw pian hi- refugee producing countries).
  • Second World l= Second Country kibang zaw pian hi (Country of Asylum, lamkaal)
  • Third World = First country kibang zaw pian hi (Refugee te a kipuakna mun, temp or permanent)

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