airline Company which commercializes air travel.
   airport   Large area where aircraft land and take off.
   aisle   Corridor between the rows of seats on a plane.
   arrivals area   Area for passengers getting off a plane.
   baggage   Bags, suitcases, etc.
   baggage claim   Place where passengers go to get their luggage at the end of a flight.
   board   Get on or enter a plane
   boarding pass   Card which authorizes passengers to board a plane.
   bus   Large motor vehicle carrying passengers along a fixed route.
   bus stop   Area where passengers get on and off a bus.
   cab   Taxi
   car   Motor vehicle for carrying passengers.
   check-in   Register as a guest at a hotel or as a passenger at an airport.
   connecting train 
   or flight
  Train or plane leaving the station or airport soon after the arrival of 
  another, enabling the passengers to change from one to another.
   customs   Government department that collects taxes on goods imported from  other countries.
   departure board   Large display showing times and destinations of departing flights.
   departure lounge   Place where passengers wait before boarding a plane.
   direct   Without any connecting trains or flights.
   domestic flight   Within the country, not international.
   duty-free   Without payment of taxes called 'custom duties'.
   excess baggage   Baggage that weighs more than the amount allowed.
   fare   Cost of a journey by bus, boat or taxi.
   flight   Journey in an aircraft.
   gate   The place in an airport where a particular flight arrives and departs.
   hand luggage   Light baggage (bags, briefcases, etc.) that you are allowed to carry 
  on board.
   jet lag   Tiredness after a long flight due to differences in time zones.
   label   Card showing your name and address which is used to identify luggage.
   luggage   Bags, suitcases, etc.
   motorway   Wide road for fast-moving traffic.
   off-peak   A time that is less busy (and tickets are usually cheaper).
   passport   Official identification document for citizens travelling abroad.
   peak time   When the greatest number of people are travelling.
   pilot   Person who navigates the plane.
   platform   In a railway station, area next to the track where passengers get on 
  and off trains.
   return   Ticket for a journey to a place and back again.
   runway   Ground on which aircraft take off and land.
   shuttle   An aircraft or bus that travels regularly between two places.
   single   Ticket for a one-way journey to a place.
   station   A place where trains stop on a railway line.
   steward/stewardess   Personnel on board a plane
   stopover   A temporary stop during a long journey.
   subway (US)   Underground urban railway system.
   suitcase   Case for carrying clothes when travelling.
   tag   A sort of label.
   taxi   Car for hire for which you pay a fare.
   taxi rank   Place where taxes park while waiting to be hired.
   terminal  -Building at an airport where passengers arrive and depart.
 -End of a railway line or bus route.
   ticket   Printed paper giving the holder the right to travel by plane, train, bus, etc.
   tracks   Set of rails for trains.
   train   Railway engine with several carriages linked behind it.
   tram   Public passenger vehicle running on rails (tramlines) along the streets.
   transit   Transit passengers stop at an airport which is not their final destination.
   tube (UK)   Informal word for the underground railway system in London.
   underground (UK)   Underground urban railway system.
   visa   Stamp or mark put on a passport to authorize entry, exit or transit.


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