(FLATS -  APARTMENTS -  HOUSES) Useful phrases
Questions/Requests/Enquiries Answers/Queries/Information
    ▪ I'd like to rent a flat/apartment/house.

    ▪ I'd like (it) to be  ... near the beach
                              ... close to the town centre
                              ... in a quiet area

    ▪ What does the flat/apartment/house contain?

    ▪ Is the bed linen/are towels provided?

    ▪ Is there a cleaning/housekeeping service?

    ▪ Are there any restaurants nearby?

    ▪ Are there any sports facilities?

    ▪ Is there any entertainment in the area/nearby?

    ▪ What about babysitters? 
      Do you have a babysitting service?

    ▪ What is the price? 
      What are your rates? 
      How much does it cost?

    ▪ How far is it to/from .... the beach
                                   .... the airport
                                   .... the nearest town?

    ▪ Could you send me a brochure/some information please?


    ▪ For when/ for what date/ for how long?
    ▪ For how many people?
    ▪ How many bedrooms do you need?


    ▪ There's a living-room, a kitchen, (-) bedroom(s) and (-) bathroom(s)
    ▪ The bed linen is/is not included in the price.
    ▪ There is a supplement for the bed linen. 
    ▪ Bed  linen and towels can be rented at the reception.


    ▪ There is a swimming pool and tennis courts.

    ▪ There are lots of sports available in the area : 
      sailing, water-skiing - windsurfing - rafting - horse-riding

    ▪ Entertainment is ... provided every evening
                               ... available locally/nearby/in the area

    ▪ There are lots of excursions to choose from.

    ▪ There is (is not) a shuttle service to

                      .... the beach

                      .... the airport

                      .... the nearest town

    ▪ There is a taxi rank ... outside the building
                                   ... at the end of the street.



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