Useful phrases
Questions/Requests/Enquiries Answers/Queries/Information
      ▪ Do you have any rooms available?

      ▪ Would you have a room for tonight please?

      ▪ I'd like to book a room please.

      ▪ What is the price? / What are your rates please? 
        How much is it for a single/double room please?
      ▪ Is there a reduction for children?
      ▪ Do you serve breakfast?
      ▪ Is breakfast included in the price?
      ▪ What time is breakfast served?
      ▪ For when / for what date?

      ▪ Single or double?
      ▪ Double bed or twin beds?
      ▪ With bath or shower?

      ▪ For how long/ for how many nights?
      ▪ How long do you intend staying?

      ▪ The rate /price is ....... for a single/double room.
                               ....... per person sharing a room.
      ▪ There is a supplement of ....... for a single room.      
      ▪ Breakfast is / is not included (in the price).
      ▪ Breakfast is served between 7am and 10am. (for example)


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