Dear member:


A dam ding in hong lamen ungh. ah member khat na hih man in hih e-mail a ngah kha nahi hi.

July 06, 2010 ni in thu zaksakna leh huh ngetna email khat hong ki khak khin hi.


A hi zong in, i lametna bang lo in i website i zop(run) suak zawh na ding in  August 20, 2010 ni ma in i ki sap a hi sum leh paai te ngahna nei nai lo mawk i hih man in hih email hong ki khak beh a hihi.


Hong ki zaksak sa mah bangin i in a beisa hun in Ning Premium package aki zang hi a, kha (1) in $ 4.95 ta a bei pen Do Khan Khup, New York, in hong siksak zel a hihi.


Tu in ahih leh i theih sa mah bangin Ning Network te in free service pia nawn lo a hih man in abeisa hun a i zat features khempeuh i zat theih suak na ding in a Ning Pro plan uh i lak loh pha mawh hong suak hi. Ning Pro plan pen kha khat in $49.95 ( Monthly) bei ding a, kum khat ai ding piak khat in i piak zawh leh $499.95/year (save 17% with one-time annual pricing)  bei ding hi.

August 20, 2010 ni a nunung pen in a plan uh khat peuhpeuh i lak kul ding hi a, tua khit teh i lak a om  kei leh i website hong kikhak sak ta ding a hihi. I photos, videos, blogs te ki en thei nawn lo in i friends te tawh ki zop theih

nawn loh hong suak ding hi.      


Hih banga hong kikhak sak ding a ut ding in ka hong lamen kei uh a, i hih zawh zah ciat tawh members 1,770 (as of July 25, 2010) teng in i website i zop(run) suak na ding in mapang khawm ciat ding in lamet na lianpi ka nei uh hi. pen facebook, myspace, youtube cih bangte tawh kibang lo in, Zomi lia
leh taangte a tul val in lom khat in mun khat ah kizop tuam theihna mun a
hih banah, a zang siam te a ding in Ning Platform pen latest social networking features te a ki zat theih na mun  ahihi. Mun dang ah Ning Network  bang a a hih zo om tuan nai lo a hih man in zong i pen Ning Network mah tawh  ki zop suak zawh  ding i lunggulh  mahmah hi.

I administrative members te a hih leh Zomi leh member pihte hong
it-na tawh a hun, a siamna uh a khong in hong ki pia khia uh a hi man
in i ah member fee om lo in  aki zom(run) zo hong suak hi.

Zomi na it-na leh i Zomi-te neih lian khat a hi hih i zop(run) suak
zawh na ding in member khat na hih na tawh a tawm, a tam ci lo in na hih zawh zahzah tawh nong ki hel hamtang nang in lunggulhna lianpi tawh i a ding in huhna hong ngen ka hi uh hi.

Huhna piak nang dan leh Munte:

Check/Cash/Money Order/Money Transfer (Western Union/Moneygram):

Payable to : Do Khan Khup

Address: Do Khan Khup

    5314, 82nd Street, 2nd Floor

    Elmhurst, NY 11373, USA



With Paypal Account:

Without Paypal account and Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Master/Discover/American Express,etc.):

                       Zomi Social Network Contribution  link




Note tawh nasem khawm:

Tg. Sianpu (

Mangsen (

Do Khan Khup (, Cell Phone: 347-968-9166

Administrative Members
Zomi Social Network (
  1. August 20, 2010 ma in Ning Pro Plan i lak ding a hih man in a manglang theithei
    in huhna i piak tek nang hong thum ungh. Lungdam.
    • Huhna a pia mimal khempeuh kician tak in a piak zah sum leh paai zah tawh ah ki suaksak ding hi. Lungdam.
    • Tu ni ciang dong Ning Pro Plan a ding i sum neih zah ( US $ 0 ) hi lai hi.

August 20, 2010 khit ciang in i i feature kim in upgrade i bawl khit ciang in Zomi Sung ah Computer program tuamtuam online pan in Video Tutorial tuamtuam leh, Computer & Internet course tuamtuam leh gamdang comptuer sangte i phalna leh panpihna tawh gamsung, gam pua a om Zomi te a ding in computer course tuamtuam (eLearning) tawh certificate ngah theih na ding ciang in geelna om hi. Social network ciang bek thamlo in Online (quality) education, elearning tuamtuam zong ki nei ding a, online pan in aw (voice) tawh leh lim (multimedia) tawh Zolai hi ta leh course tuamtuam zong pau tuamtuam in pilnasaalpi khat i suah sak zawh na ding ciang dong in lunggulhna leh geelna nei hi hangh.

Hih i geelna a om teng ong tangtun theih na ding in nang ma i piakkhiatna leh mapanna kisam a, nang mah in mapanna nong neih leh a piang ding ahi hi.

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I would like to take part in contributing US$ 5/ Month fr 6 months. If things go well, I would continue after 6 months but for the mean time I would like to contribute $5/Month. If there are more contributors then it would be a good deal to have the Pro package since everything we need is there. How do we make payment? Preferably in cash. Thanks.
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