Tweetadder 3.0 - Free Professional Tweetter Management Software

Tweetadder 3.0 professional twitter marketing tool.


Auto folowing (by keyword,from other twitter user)
Auto follow back
Auto unfolow
Auto retweet another twitter user (select only with specific keyword is an option)


Install WAMP/Xamp or other local appache tool
Install TweetAdder

edit \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Insert the code below

Load WAMP > Put Online
Create the following php files in their corresponding directories
create \wamp\www\3\validatereg.php


10 equals the max number of accounts
1 equals the number of used accounts
and mytwitter is your twitter ID.

create \wamp\www\3\adduser.php
echo 'Success';

create \wamp\www\version3.php
no code, leave bank

Load Tweetadder > Error: Cannot connect to the internet > Register > S1234-12345-12345-1234A (where S = alpha and X = numeric)


Note: If you run into troubles, you can troubleshoot with the access.log found in \wamp\logs

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