Tu lai khuahun khantoh zia tawh kituak in theih loh a phamawh, neih loh a phamawh website pawl khat kaikhawm ni. Na phawk zahzah hong behlap lai in.

1. http://Facebook.com (Social Networking)

2. http://www.Twitter.com (Social Sharing)

3. http://www.Youtube.com (Video)

3. http://www.Pinterest.com (Photography)

4. http://www.PhotoBucket.com (Photo)

5. http://www.Flickr.com (Photo)

6. http://webpicasa.google.com Google Picasa (Photo)

7. http://www.Zomi.Net (Zomi Social Network)

8. http://www.LinkedIn.com

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Copy kullo di in a link in ong koih pah lo a...

Thadah ong gum di n hehee

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