”The heart listens when the mind speaks,
The Soul rejoices when the heart listens,
The body moves when the heart speaks”
(Zo Muan Taang)

If I cannot understand my friend’s silence I will never understand his words

Communication problem occurs between two persons when one speaks with the head while the other with the heart

Children have more need of models than of critics

A genuine love is not a spoken word that can be heard by ears
but a spirit which can be felt at heart

If you are a master, be sometimes blind;
If a servant, sometimes deaf

A lie is tell only by intelligent people because it takes
A lot of memorization and creativity

A good marriage should be between a deaf husband and a blind wife

I can’t get along with people who tell me whatever they want
But pay no attention to what I have to say

If inventors feared criticism, we would still be traveling by ox and wearing home spun clothing

Arguing with rude woman is like running with slipper in the muddy.
The faster you run, the harder the mud bounce you back

The higher the bamboo grows the lower it bends

Success and rest don’t sleep together
(Russian Proverb)

Identity is not a choice of acceptance or rejection but a state of being rather
(Taang Zothang Hatlang)

He who wishes to eat the nut does not mind cracking the shell

Sometimes listening speaks louder than shouting

Many people will walk in and out of your life
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart
(Irish Proverb)

If a man deceives me one, shame on him; If he deceives me twice, shame on me

Lack of knowledge is darker than night
(Nigerian Proverbs)

Ignorance is night of the mind, a night without moon and stars
(Clarence Prov)

If you are planning for a year, sow rice;
If you are planning for a decade, plant trees; If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people
(Chinese Prov.)

He who ask is a fool for five minutes,
But he who does not ask remains a fool forever
(Chinese Prov.)

A persismist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty
(Winston Churchill)

Success is not how high and fast your can run but
how high and far you bounce back when you hit the bottom
(Geon George)

Saying the right word at eh right time is wise; but not saying the wrong word at a tempting moment is wiser

How can you raise your head so proudly unless it is empty?
(St. Augustine)

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns.
Be thankful that thorns have roses
(Alphonose Karr)

Happiness is gratitude for the past,
Joy in the present, and faith in the future
(Dorothy Lorenz)

Man has a choice either he can live his way into a pattern of thinking or he can think his way into a pattern of living

It is not disgraceful to ask,
It is disgraceful not to ask
(Turkish Prov)

There is plenty of sound in an empty barrel
(Russian Proverb)

If one plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal
(Taoism Proverb)

An announce of “I am” is worth more than a hundred-weight of “I was.”
(Genoese Proverb)

The thoughts of the heart, there are the true wealth of a man

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day
Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever
(Chinese Proverb)

The nightmare of yesterday should not be permitted
to destroy the bright vision of tomorrow

Credits helps many but also many down
(Danish Proverb)

Poetry begins with pleasure and ends in wisdom

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The difference between a learned and unlearned person is the ability to differentiate arguments from debates [Taang Sianpu]

(a) Bu-al khuang e taikhua val e dimtui taang gual i thawh hunta ee.
(b) Dimtui taang gual i thawh hunta, gualtung va bang i tuan hunta ee.
                                                                                                          [Rev.Dr.Tun Go Lian]

You can learn about a person by the choice of word and the mode of language that person uses for comments, discussion and status on the internet (especially on social networking sites). They're just a reflection of the real person behind the screen. The trend of modern technology made our life easier with a time-saving advancement in collection as well as sharing information via the net. It helps employers to choose the right person for their company as much as it benefits employment opportunities for job hunters not forgetting that it reveals the truth about a person behind the scene as well [Taang Sianpu]

Being professional in communication is choosing the right word for each conversation indepth and presenting it in a decent manner regardless of the idea behind [Taang Sianpu]

  • Regrets always come later.
  • Wise man's anger never comes out.
  • Snake to snake, see the leg. (Snakes have no legs. But crooks can see how other crooks will do.)
  • Mango among fruits, pork among meats, tea among leaves (are the best)
  • You can stop speaking to someone, but you cannot stop being related.
  • Do use a needle in time, or you might need an axe later. (As same as "A stitch in time saves nine")
  • Collect the water while it rains.
  • You can even be a God, if you try.
  • You can be a king, if you are brave.
  • Old cows like young grass.
  • Anyone can fancy his bed as a palace. (You can believe whatever you want.)
  • There's only 2 ways: go cracy, or go extraordinary! (Be somebody!)
  • Don't be a sling bag, (It's like CNN Ted Turner's Lead, follow, or get out of the way.)
  • You can pull back your leg, but not your committed word.
  • It's dress in a man, bindings in baskets' edge (are important)
  • Bone in chicken, relatives in man (that one can't avoid)
  • Calling out for mother, only when you stumble.
  • Before the bending arm straighten, or before the straighten arm bends (do the good, choose the better)
  • Be deligent when there's time.
  • It's like catching 2 eels at a time. (Doing 2 unsure things at a time, instead of doing 1 certain thing.)
  • Harrow before the cow. (instead of the cow before the harrow)
  • Forgetting the cow, when going out to plough. (when most important thing is forgotten)
  • Fidelity in a king, promise in men. (are to keep)
  • Using up the arrows, before getting into battle.
  • Two may become enemies, when their ideas are the same.
  • If there are too many teachers or leaders with different ideas, the follower will not do nothing and learn nothing.
  • An unmarried woman is not honored, even if she has 10 brothers.
  • Wisdom is in the books. (Find them there)
  • A ship-load of fish gets spoiled, because of 1 spoiled fish.
  • One can't die if he's brave. Even when he die his name lasts forever.
  • You fail if you're afraid. Or brave, you may become a king.
  • A genuine ruby wont sink and disappear in mud.
  • Fisherman near fisherman. Hunter near hunter.
  • 1 day 1 yard. Bagan won't move. (Do it a little every day, and you'll achieve)
  • Unmistakable lawyer. Immortal medicineman. (They never exist)
  • Seek wisdom like a begger. (Be humble)

  • Never think of knowledge and wisdom as little.
    Seek it and store it in the mind.
    Note that ant-hills are built with small particles of dust, and
    incessantly-falling rain drops when collected can fill a big pot.
  • There is no ruby in every mountain.
    There is no pearl in every elephant.
    There is no sandal-wood in every forest.
    There is no sage in every place.
  • One with scanty knowledge tends to think a little learning a lot and be haughty.
    It is just as a puny frog, not having seen the ocean, thinks a little well-water a lot.
  • One without learning has to carry others' burden.
    One who has knowledge is honoured by others.
    So strive daily to get knowledge.
  • As the egret is ungraceful among Hamsas,
    so also is the foolish in an assembly.
  • Listening and noting well enriches knowledge.
    Knowledge enhances progress.
  • There is no friend like learning.
    There is no enemy like disease.
  • Go not to the battlefield without arms.
    Speak not without reference to treatises.
    Travel not afar without companion.
  • Without wealth, be not excessive in eating.
    Without strength , Love not fighting.
    Without learning, speak not too much.
  • Don't visit another's house frequently without being invited.
    Don't talk too much without being asked.
    Don't extol and boast of oneself. (Don't blow one's own trumpet)
  • The pot not full of water is turbulent.
    One with a little knowledge shows off.
  • The ocean is not contented in receiving water.
    The eye is not contented in seeing the beloved.
    The wise is not contented in good speech.
  • Though fully endowed with good looks and youthfulness he who has no knowledge is ungraceful. It is like paukpwint (pauk flower) without scent.
  • Even the son of low parentage can be the king's counsellor.
    Even the son of the foolish can be a sage.
    Even the son of a poor man can be rich.
    So don't be contemptuous of a man.
  • The pupil who wants knowledge and studies many cannot recite what he studied,
    just like dumb one who cannot retell the dream..
  • Pauk leaf that wraps Taungzalat flower smells fragrant like that flower.
    So also is the same for those who associate with the wise.

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