Dear Teammates,

We are in the planning process of updating Zomi Social Network and we would like to hear your precious ideas.
Please answer the following questions and post your opinions online for others to see it.
Your thoughts are most important for the continual growth of this site because each member of share the same ownership as we grow together.

Please response your answers or opinions at the following URL.

1. What do you want to get from this website? or What do you expect this website to be?

2. What improvement do you want to see with this website?

3. What content do you want to see on this website?

4. What feature do you want to have it added on this site?

We believe that we can achieve all these by contributing and working together from each respective corner.

Thank you and kind regards,

Your Teammate at:-
Zomi Social Network

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Nasepna compan pan in youtube ki en theilo, ban sak uh. Facebook ki pai theilo, ban sak uh. bek ki pai thei. cim phawng mahmah in nuam mahmah hi. But, music hong ngah sak mengmeng un maw. Tua leh Video nong upload uh ciang zong ahih thei leh youtube or online free video host pan hi leh aki bante ki en thei vetlo hi. Video upload mah hi leh ki en thei pan hi. tung ah video leh music ki upload leh bek ki en thei pan hi. A dang social network site te ki ban hi. Please help.

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