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How to secure additionally Joomla?

Before taking extra steps to secure Joomla, you should make sure its core code and any additional components / modules are up to date. Then you can
take advantage of the next extra security measures:

1. Secure your administrator's area. This will prevent simple
brute-force attacks. Along with that, all components and modules code
inside this directory will be safe. For this purpose:

- Place an .htaccess inside Joomla's 'administrator' directory. It should contain:

Deny from all
Allow from YourIP*

* You can find your IP* by going to sites such as http://whatismyip.org

- In case your IP changes, you should try securing the directory with Password Protection

2. Change the default database prefix jos_. This will trick all MySQL injection attempts. For this purpose you can use the following third party component. You should back up your database before changing its prefix.

3. Make sure your host does not allow remote code inclusion in PHP by
default. For this purpose log in your Joomla Administrator's panel and
navigate to System, System info from the top panel. There go to the PHP
Info tab.

- If you are using PHP 5.2, make sure that the directive 'allow_url_include' is set to off;

- If you are using PHP version below 5.2, make sure that the directive 'allow_url_fopen' is set to off.

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Joomla Module Position

Na website ah Joomla CMS nazat a, template sungah bang position tengom cih natheihcian nopleh na website URL nungah hih ?tp=1 naguanbeh inla na browse in.

Gtn: www.zomicenter.com bang ahihleh anungah www.zomicenter.com/?tp=1 cihdan in browse leng tua template ii position teng laimal santawh ongkilangh pahdinghi.

Kalaisai, zawzen aw. A na simple zah in a nak thupit lua ahi zen ve leh. Nong gen ciang ka theih pat lawmlawm kei leh kei ki ka kihawmthawhna sang in, nong hopsawn ka lungdamna lian zaw lai hi. Ong gen kei leh cin a theilo pi na hi lai mawk ding hangh a. Thangkhuai tui a sit mahmah hai khat hong suah ingh ei, na dawn sak ou leh :)
How to enable SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs?

You can enable the Search Engine Friendly URLs from the Joomla administrator's panel. Go to Site -> Global Configuration -> SEO. Once you enable this option, you have to rename the htaccess.txt file in your Joomla directory to .htaccess.
Hih te pawl bel hoih zek ei, ahih hang a thei nailo te a ding in bel hi-tech pian veve maw. BUT, a theisa te a ding in thupi mahmah ding ahih man in hong zomto lai un. Ken zong hong na sinsin ningh ei. Issue a om leh hong theisak lai leng maw leh.
Security information sharing nong bawl theih lungdam.

Dotnop pak khat ah, hih instruction-
Deny from all
Allow from YourIP*
i va koih ding a lah eima internet access IP address pen dedicated hilo in dynamic ahih man in IP address pen a diakdiak internet cafe' zong a tuamtuam zang kawikawi, broadband ahih leh zong dedicated IP hilo ahih man in IP random in kilaih toto zeel ding hi. Tua pen bang cih theih ding a? Ei leh ei a ki block khong ihi diam? Tel lo leh, thei nuam ingh.

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