1. Consider the ultrasound technician's evaluation to be accurate; most won't make a prediction unless they get a clear view of the baby's genitals.

  2. Trust the results of your amniocentesis, if you have one.

  3. Thread a needle or use a necklace with a charm and have someone else suspend it above your belly. If the needle (charm) swings back and forth, a boy is in your future; if it moves in a circle, count
    on a girl.

  4. Feeling really really nauseous during your first trimester is a sign you are having a girl; low levels of nausea means it's a boy.

  5. You've got a boy if your belly bulge is high up on your abdomen; carry low, and you're having a girl.

  6. Breaking out often? Feeling extra-bloated? Many people would say that you're having a girl and that she is already stealing your beauty.

  7. Looking back to the moment of truth - if the act that led to your conception was performed standing up, you'll have a boy; if the woman was on top you'll have a girl.

You can choose from several scientific and many not-so-scientific methods to determine your baby's sex. Remember, you'll be right half the time with any method, so feel
free to develop your own. Here are a few ways to find out whether you
are having a baby boy or girl.

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