Tua kongdot nop pen a tung a thulu hi pah hi..
CGI pen blogger ah bangci dan a ki connect hiam?
A thei te in hehpih na tawh nonggen na'ng un zahtaakna lianpi leh
theihnopna lianpi tawh hongcial/hongzawn/hongdong hi-ing..

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CGI script pen blog sung ah direct in ki zang theilo ding hi. A hang in tua pen database leh CGI access right server in a neih kul hi. Ahih hang CGI script a kingah web host server te tawh connection pen widget dan ahih kei leh link hi leh bek ki ngah kha ding hi. Tu hun ciang CGI ki tam zat nawnlo dan hi leh kilawm sa ingh. A tam zaw in PHP, AJAX leh MySQL database connection te a kipan ki tam zat zaw ta dan in thei ingh.

Cpanel Web hosting account nang ma a nei lecin a nuai a teng zong free in a omsa hi pah hi.

* Simple CGI Wrapper - This is a CGI Wrapper that will allow you to run CGI Scripts with your User ID.
* Random HTML Generator - This is a Random HTML generator. It picks a string of HTML code from a list and inserts it in an SSI (Server Side Includes) enabled web page.
* Simple GuestBook - A simple guestbook for your visitors to view and sign.
* Advanced GuestBook - This is a more advanced guestbook written in PHP and MySQL.
* Counter - You can create a counter to count and show how many visitors have been on your site.
* CGI email - CGI Email takes the input of an HTML form and converts it to an email format defined by the author of the form.
* FormMail Clone - FormMail-clone is a clone of Matt Wright's FormMail.
Lungdam taktak ei..tampitak ong hawmsawn ciai..
Tu hun ciang web host server pawl khat or tampitak in CGI zat phallo om thei hi. A hang a genna uh ah bel "resource intensive" ici diam, CPU resource tampi zang ahih man hi ci ve uh aw. A tel zaw i om leh zong hong hawmsawn lai un maw. Y2K khit ciang in CGI pen popular nawn phalo hi leh kilawm sa ingh.

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