Bio Data & Resume 

Present Address:
Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau Bcom, MA,PhD,DPh,
Cell Phone:   15019266670

Desired Job Title:          Professor/ Assistant Professor/ Instructor of English/Teacher
Desired Job Type:         Full time
Desired Job Location:    USA
Available Date:             Any time
Motto:                         Wisdom is freedom, wealth, power and justice!

Personal Data:

Passport No:                  WSA 343122
Last Date of Validity:       23th September, 2014
Nationality:                    World Citizen
World Citizen ID No:       127700
Date of Birth:                 18th June, 1971
Marital Status:                Single
Height:                          5' 3"

Work Experience:

English Professor/ Teacher,  International Exchange Program of Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. Teach English to advance level business English students who major in international finance, economics and international English.

English Teacher/Professor, Foreign Language Experimental School, Shuangliu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Design own curriculum and lessons for beginner English learner of the school and motivate students to do group and pair works to practice the English they have learnt  in the classroom. Teaching students using the facilities of video, DVD, TV and power point presentation had also been my task.

English teacher/professor, Jiangsu Institute of Economic and Technology, Nanjing. Teach Business English to first year(freshman) trade, business and accounting students. Use own curriculum design. Motivate students to speak good English, lead them to speak English by debating, acting plays, etc. on the subjects of economic, business and trade technology. Teaching how to give speech on students' own written composition and rhetoric, and teaching how to speak English using business slang&jargons, poems, poetry, and proverbs have also been taken account of my task.

Summer 2007 
Teacher Trainer at Shanghai Education International Ltd.,Hangzhou Branch(Yongkang). Trained primary and middle school teachers how to teach Oral English to students.  Created and designed training materials for 15 days from the 5th to 20th August, 2007.  Taught how to use games,and bingos, how to give scores to students so that the games would be fun when teaching English in the classroom and gave lectures on classroom and time management, teaching pronunciation, intonation, syllables, wordstress, classification of TESOL children age groups, teaching methodology(grammar base and topic base), oral diagnostic test, lesson planning and how to become a successful English teacher.

Oral English Professor/teacher, Gong Qing College(Poyanghu Campus)of Nanchang University, Jiangxi Province. Taught Business English to second year students (sophomore) and sencond year International Trade students of the college.Wrote lesson plans,motivated students to speak English with confidant, and joined English corner.Used Oral Workshop: Argument from Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing, British Council and other online English teaching materials and slang words with eclectic teaching style. Taught freshman oral English using topic base and grammar base teaching methods as well. Used self-created lesson plans and text book.

English Tutor, Taught English to individual Chinese students , master's and doctorate students who want to go abroad and engineer who works for a leading company in Shenzhen city. Used New  Interchange 3 and New Concept English series 4 as text book. Taught intonation, pronunciation, word stress, English usage and the right accent to speak the English language.

English Teacher, Modern English School, Lengjiang, Hunan, China. Taught English to pre beginners,beginners and middle school students. Used Modern English text books level A,B,C, English Phonics, and New Interchange series published by Cambridge University Press..

Private English Tutor. Taught individual students in Loudi, Hunan, China. Taught grammar, speaking, writing, and translation to university students and engineers.

English Lecturer. Taught business English at a private English Language College in Yangshou, Guangxi, China. Used teaching materials such as New Interchange series, Bingo games, and internet resources etc.

Private English Teacher. Taught English to University students, middle school students and primary students at home in Munlai, Kalemyo, Myanmar. Used New Interchange series and Cambridge University press materials for text book.

Private English Tutor, Bangkok. Had taught kindergarten, middle school, and university students as Special English Tutor and earned hourly wages. Designed English study materials for students at various levels.

Private English Tutor, Taught some Burmese students how to speak the English language to customers of the hopitality industries whether at luxurious hotel or at restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

English Teacher at a middle school in Thailand. Had taken English classes for Children at a middle
school in Wichianburi, Thailand. Taught English to all the teachers, middle school, primary and  kindergarten students.

Private English Tutor. Taught evening English classes. Taught spoken English to some students in Tahan, Kalemyo.


Advance Doctor of Philosophy(DPh. of Cosmos International University), writing a one-hundred-thousand words dissertation on "Teaching English In A Non English Speaking World" . List of books for reading and theoretical research as well as how to practically do research on teaching English through out the world can be made available on request.

Graduate Diploma in TESOL from London Teacher Training College, London, UK.  Earned Grade A. Studied Introduction to the English language and its origins, Teaching methodologies, Syllabus design and needs analysis, EFL examinations and placement tests, Research and Development by submitting four assignments and two theses.

March, 2006 
Received the TESOL certificate from the American TESOL Institute,  USA. Learnt how to teach children, business English, classified TESOL students, and how to teach English using rhymes, riddles and online resources of the TESOL Institute of America by submitting assigments on different topics and questions. Recommended strongly by online tutor as one of  the best teacher of TESOL for schools or universities worldwide.Please see the recommendation below.

Received an honor degree of Master of Arts in Teaching English(M.A.) from Cosmos International University, a Christian organizational institution which is authorized to give masters' and doctorate degrees  to qualified persons.2003 President award winner. Some of the subjects studied during these years are cultural awareness in teaching English international, curriculum design and development, Linguistic approach to teaching English, English language acquisition and literature, teaching methodology, research method,comprehensive grammar with text and context, educational philosophy, teaching business English, teaching children and university students, English for specific purposes, and other subjects as well.

Studied Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) degree course at the University of Madras, India. Specialized in General English, Business English and English for Accounting, corporate account, Business law, Business organization and management, Economy, Cost account, and Banking and financial system and other different subjects.

Completed a special English course at FMA Language School, Southern Asia Christian College and Zomi Theological College for two and a half years and kept up a good record. Studied Hebrew, Greek, English for Theological students, English Grammar, Spoken English, pronunciation, phonetics, intonation, Learning English through songs, composition, giving  speech, and short stories including many other subjects in English language.

Graduated from High School and matriculated at No.2 Basic Education High School, Tahan, Kalemyo. Passed the government exam in "A" category.

Passed grade 8 & 9 at Government High School, Thuk Lai, Siyin Region, Tedim Township, Chin State, Myanmar.

Studied and passed grade 5, 6 & 7 at Private Middle School, Ngalzang Village, Tedim Township which was run for five years and taught under the leadership of  Rev.Dr.Samuel Nang Khan Do. 

Studied at Private Primary School (now government), Suangpi Village, Tedim Township which was cooperated by Rev. Dr. Samuel Nang Khan Do and Passed Kindergarden, grade 1, 2, 3 & 4 at the same school.


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