Get the most out of Google Apps: Tips and Tricks for your users!

The following tips are available for email users. We are in the process of integrating more services using If you would like to sign up for a new e-mail account, please sign up here.

Five things you may not know you can do with attachments:

We know that if you're using Google Docs then you're familiar with the ease of no longer having to send attachments back and forth. However, many
still use attachments daily, so we've put together a few tips on how to
get the most out of Gmail and attachments:

1. Drag attachments in and out
In: Simply drag files from your desktop right into the message you're composing and they'll upload from there. (Make sure
you're using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or Safari 5 for this to
Out: Simply drag the icon for a Gmail attachment to your
desktop. (Note that dragging attachments out is only supported in Google
Chrome for now.)

2. Select multiple attachments
Attaching multiple files one by one is no fun. Instead, just
multi-select the files you want to attach by holding down the Ctrl key
(or Command on a Mac) and clicking on each file you want to attach.
Holding down the shift key will select a continuous list of files.

3. Never forget an attachment again

Gmail looks for phrases in your email that suggest you meant to attach a file
(things like "I've attached" or "see attachment") and warns you if it
looks like you forgot to do so. Every day, this saves many people the
embarrassment of having to send a follow up email with the file actually

4. View attachments online
When you receive an attachment, sometimes you just want to view it and
there's no need to download or save it to your desktop. The Google Docs
viewer allows you to view .pdf, .ppt, .tiff, .doc and .docx files in
your browser. Just click the 'View' link at the bottom of the message.

5. Find that long-lost attachment
If you'
re looking for an attachment someone has sent to you, Gmail's advanced search operators can help you find what you're looking for quickly and accurately e.g. 'has:attachment pdf'.


Gmail/ Zomi Mail Tips and Tricks

 Gmail Tips and Tricks Description for Users Notes
Sorting Messages Using Keywords Learn how to sort messages by sender, recipient, date, subject, or other keywords.
This tip is the first in the series and welcomes the user to the Weekly Tips and Tricks. It also contains information on how to share a tip or trick
they might know and how to unsubscribe from the list.
Using Keyboard Shortcuts Learn how to quickly zip around your Inbox reading and replying to messages without having to use the mouse! This tip contains an additional link to the Gmail Keyboard Shortcut printout. Download the PDF to your site and redirect the link to the
Working with Conversations: Part 1 Learn what a conversation is and how to work with both conversations and individual messages within a conversation. This tip describes what a conversation is and how to reply to or forward both conversations and messages within a conversation.
Working with Conversations: Part 2 Learn how conversations display in your Inbox and how to mute them. This tip explains how to decipher the information pertaining to a conversation in your Inbox and how to mute and unmute conversations.
Working with Conversations: Part 3 Learn how to know what is being sent when you reply or forward a conversation, how changing the subject effects the conversation, how to
bookmark messages within a conversation and how to use the Signature
Tweak lab to change the placement of your signature.
This tip is the last in the series and provides the user with additional information on conversations as well as using the Signature Tweak lab to
change the placement of their signature within the body of the message.
Enabling Tabbed Browsing Learn how to enable tabbed browsing to declutter your desktop.
This tip defines the steps to modify their browser settings so new tabs, instead of new browser windows, display when viewing multiple Google Apps. It covers steps for
Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 or 8 and Mozilla Firefox version 3
and above.

Creating Strong Passwords Learn how to create a strong password to use with Google Notifier, Google Talk and your mobile devices.
This tip also includes information on how to change your password in GroupWise. If your organization does not use GroupWise, please delete
that section from the tip.
Creating Filters Learn how easy it is to create simple filters to save time by automating repetitive steps like adding labels to certain messages that arrive in your Inbox.
This tip walks the user through the steps necessary to create a simple filter to label messages from their manager when they arrive in their Inbox.
Create a Filter to Mark BCC Messages Learn how to create a filter to mark messages on which you've been blind-copied.
This tip walks the user through the steps on how to enable Personal Level Indicators and create a filter to labels messages to which they've been

Create Filters and Canned Responses to Mark Priority Messages Learn how to enable and use Canned Responses and a filters to automatically mark priority messages as they arrive in your Inbox.
This tip walks the user through the steps to enable and create canned responses to label certain priority message. It also informs them how to
automatically label messages containing the canned response as they
arrive in their Inbox. This tip is only effective if the entire
organization, or a team, decides to implement it.

Compose Messages in a New Browser Window Learn a shortcut to view your Inbox while still composing or responding to a message in a new browser window.
This tip informs the user how to open a new browser window to continue composing or responding to a message while providing access their Inbox.
Dragging and Dropping Labels and Messages Learn how to quickly add labels to messages, or move messages to labels, just by dragging.
This tip informs the user on how to drag labels and messages rather than using the "Move to" or "Labels" drop-down menus.
Creating Nested Labels Miss your nested folders? Learn how to recreate nested labels with this handy Gmail lab.
This tip walks the user through the steps to turn on the Nested Labels lab and create their first nested labels.
Dragging and Dropping Attachments Learn how to drag and drop attachments onto your messages.
This tip informs the user on how to drag attachments from their system to a message.
Dragging Images onto Messages Learn how to quickly drag images from your computer directly to your message.
This tip informs the user on how to drag images from their system to a message using the Inserting Images lab. This feature currently only works with Google Chrome. The tip also provides a
link to the user on installing Google Chrome.

Using Quick Links to Save Frequently Used Searches Learn how to save searches you perform regularly so they're easy to run each time you need them.
This tip informs the user on how to enable the Quick Links lab and then save a frequently used search as a quick link.
Using Gmail Tasks Learn how to use Gmail Tasks to help you track your daily tasks.
This tip informs the user how to use Gmail Tasks and provides them with a table of Gmail Tasks keyboard shortcuts.
Enhance your Gmail Signature Learn how to enhance your Gmail signature with the new Rich Text Signature feature!
This tip steps the user through the process of enhancing their Gmail signature by modifying the text and adding links and images.


Google/ Zomi Calendar Tips and Tricks

 Google Calendar Tips and Tricks Description for Users Notes
Defining Default Notifications Learn how to define default notifications so you can be reminded of messages as you see fit. This tip informs the user on how to access and modify their default event notifications.
Using Smart Rescheduler Learn how to use the new Smart Rescheduler lab to quickly reschedule a new room and time which works for all attendees. This tip informs the user on how to enable and use the new Smart Rescheduler lab.
Working with Tasks in Google Calendar Learn how to quickly create tasks in Google Calendar. This tip informs the user on how to use tasks in Google Calendar.
Creating a Team Calendar Learn how to quickly create a calendar to capture your team's vacation and travel dates. This tip informs the user how to create a new team calendar, share it with the organization, add team members and define their permissions.

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Zomi Social Network is now on Seesmic Desktop!

We’re happy to announce a new way for you to stay on top of activity on Zomi Social Network. Seesmic Desktop 2 has just been released. If you’re not familiar with Seesmic, it lets you access all of your social networking services in one place. What’s great about it (in addition to the fact that it’s free) is that it lets you monitor activity and post updates on multiple social networks at the same time, including Zomi Social Network.

• It’s cross-platform: Works on both PCs and Macs.

• Tracks the latest activity: Check out the latest Zomi Social Network photos, blog posts, members, and comments, alongside what’s happening on other popular services.

• Post once, deliver to many: Monitor activity on Zomi Social Network, along with Twitter, Facebook, and others. Post status updates to all of them at once with one click.

It’s easy to set up. Just install Seesmic Desktop and add the Ning plug-in. When prompted, enter your Zomi Social Network sign-in information. You’re ready to post.

Download and install this plug in after your installation.

Screen Shot of the program:

Zomi Social Network is now on Seesmic Desktop!

We’re happy to announce support for Zomi Social Network in Seesmic Desktop 2. If you’re not familiar with Seesmic Desktop, it’s a PC or Mac application that allows you to follow activity across multiple social networking services and post status updates from one easy-to-use location. In addition to keeping your finger on the pulse of your Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz accounts, you can keep tabs on Zomi Social Network activity. Even better, you can post status updates to Zomi Social Network at the same time that you post them to other services.

It’s easy to set up. Just install Seesmic Desktop 2 ( and add the Ning plug-in. When prompted, enter your Zomi Social Network sign-in information. That's it!
I sung ah Music leh Video upload kingah kik ta hi. Na PC sung pan in Music, Video te ki upload thei ban ah, nidang lai a na koihsa Music te kisiatna bang mah omlo, pangpan kailo in a ngei mah bang in na omlai ding hi. A kicing zaw ing kikum to lai ni. I vek in i hanciam khop leh, sum leh paai, thatang, pilna, siamna, thu leh la hopsawna tawh ahi zogn in i mapan khop tek ciang hong piang ahi hi. Lungdam.
Ka zonzon hih hi ei..Lungdam.."Koiah vabang hong lensan a, cikciang tuang hongtungkik tam..kana cihcih hiven.."

Ning Platform a ding in Chat Setting pen facebook a tawh akibang pian ding in hong upgrade ding cih kiza hi.

If you've looked at the Ning product roadmap recently, you've noticed that some Chat improvements are on the way. We've started to work on Chat, and wanted to share what we have in mind and get Network Creators an early chance to share their feedback.

The biggest changes we have planned are:

  • Redesigning Chat in HTML and Javascript, instead of today's Flash-based chat. It will work on iPad, can be customized via CSS and will be translated in the language editor.
  • Redesigning Chat into separate "panes," whereas today's chat a single "pane". New private conversations appear as tabs within the Chat pane, instead of appearing as new panes.

Here is today's Flash-based chat:

And here's what Chat might look like (click on the image to see it bigger):

So, unlike today's chat, this new Chat format would mean that:

  • When someone starts a 1:1 conversation, the chat would instantly pop up (and pop open), so it would be very hard to miss.
  • You can talk in 1:1 conversations and in the main chat room at the same time (not possible without changing tabs today)

There's a lot to process in looking at this new design, and there have been a ton of discussions on Creators about Chat. We want your feedback, though, about the overall design and functionality.

A few of big questions have come up that we want to pose to you:

  • Do you think this new overall design works better than today's tabbed chat?
  • Would you be disappointed if this redesigned chat just existed in your network's footer, not in a module or full page as it does today?
  • Are you satisfied with the general size of the main chat window? Do you think you'd still need to pop it out in case the discussion becomes so active you need more screen real estate?
  • How important is being able to pop out the main chat room, or 1:1 conversations?
  • How do you feel about the sounds in chat? So long as users can turn sounds off, should a sound be played every time a new message is posted? Even when chat is minimized?

We'd love your feedback on these issues, as we start to develop chat. Down the road, we'll get into more specific feature additions, but for now, I'd like to keep this discussion focused on the big design/behavior issues I've raised above. ah maiam ciang sum i neih beh ciang in Add on program a thak pawl khat hong tung thak hi


Paid Option (facility) member te zat theih ding in ah kingah thei ta ding hi

Great News About Zomi Mail users

  • Tuni a kipan in email user te in zang thei ta uh hi.
  • user name khat tawh email address nih kizang thei ahih lam na thei nai hiam? Gtn. ahih leh, ah zong email hong kikhal leh nang ma inbox sung mah ah hong tung ding hi.
  • URL Shortening Service ah kizang thei hi

Google Apps administrators can manually turn on Google+ for their organization. Once Google+ is turned on, users will need to sign up at to get started. For customers who use Google Apps for Business or the free version of Google Apps and who have chosen to automatically enable new services, Google+ will automatically become available to all of your users over the next several days.

Editions included: 
Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education*

Languages included: 
Control Panel: All languages supported by the control panel
Google+: All languages supported by Google+

How to access what's new: 
Follow these steps to roll out Google+ to your users.

Note: Google+ requires Picasa Web Albums for photo sharing and Google Talk for chat, so if these services are not enabled then Google+ will not automatically become available, even if your domain has chosen to automatically enable new services. The option to automatically enable new services is controlled in the Domain settings tab of the administrator control panel. More information about using Google+ with Google Apps is available in the Help Center.

*Education editions only: Google+ is available only for higher education institutions that are existing Google Apps for Education customers. If you don't see the Google+ service in your control panel (as described above), you'll need toapply for the service to have it added to your control panel.

For more information:
Help Center:

2186 members
6197 photos
856 videos
213 discussions
28 Events
596 blog posts

Guai a tam theithei in hanciam ciat ni. Resource centre pi i suah theih na ding in mimal khat in, member khat in nikhat in item nam 2 ta khah leng zong tampi hong phapah ding hi. Gtn. Video 2, Blog 2, Forum sung ah 2, Events 2 :), Photo 2 (a tawmpen) cih bang in hi leh laibu salpi hong suakpah ding hi. i a picin theih na ding nang leh kei tung ah kinga hi. Hanciam ciat ni!

Tuni, October 28, 2011 dong pen hih dan hi phot lai hi.

I wanted to highlight two small, but important changes that we've added to the Ning platform this morning. Both changes make the experience of viewing photos on a Ning Network a much better experience, and more consistent with other social-networking and photo-sharing platforms.


Easier Navigation

Clicking on a photo now takes you to the next photo. So instead of forcing users to find the "Next" button and click on it, they can just click on the photo they're currently looking at to bring up the next photo.

Clicking on a photo used to open a new window containing the full-size version of the photo. Since most sites take users to the next photo when they click on a photo, your Ning Network will now behave much more like your members expect it to, and should increase page views.


No-refresh navigation

Today, when your members click to see the previous or next photo, the entire page refreshes to show the new photo. Now, you have the option of enabling "Dynamic Photo Viewing," which allows your members to view the new photo without refreshing the page. Instead, the photo, title and meta information will change right on the page, without refreshing.

While this should make for a much better user experience, it has the potential to affect your Ning Network's page views. Therefore, this feature is off by default, and can be enabled by going to your dashboard, and then accessing the "Controls" page in the "Content" section (/main/content/controls). Click the box next to "Enable dynamic photo viewing."


We hope you enjoy these new features, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

An update across the ning platform

Zomi Mail Updates email ID a nei khempeuh in a Zomi Mail ID leh Password tawh a nuai a Google product teng kizang thei ta hi. email a nei khempeuh in alias (automatic) in ID thak khat ngah thuah kawm pah hi. Gentehna na ID: ahih leh tawh zong mite in email hong khak theita ahi hi.


A nuai a Google product suite sung teng pen Zomi Mail ID & PW tawh kizang thei ta hi.


Use Google+ with your Google Apps account

Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world, and it’s available for your Google Apps domain.

  • ProfileProfile icon
    Choose what people find when they look for you on the web. Share what you’re about and how to reach you.

  • Stream Stream icon
    The Stream is where you’ll find a real-time feed of all the posts that your connections have shared with you.

  • PagesPages icon
    You can use Google+ Pages to create an identity and presence on Google+ for your business, product, brand or organization.

  • CirclesCircles icon
    Create Circles to organize your connections and share relevant content with the right people.

  • Hangouts Hangouts icon
    Hangouts let you meet and work together with up to 10 people over video chat, and you can share your screen or add a Google Doc.

  • MessengerMessenger icon
    Coordinating on the go can be difficult. Messenger brings conversations with multiple people together into one chat on your mobile.



  • AdSenseAdSense icon
    Earn revenue from your website

  • AdWordsAdWords icon
    Advertise your business on Google

  • AlertsAlerts icon
    Get email updates on the topics of your choice

  • AnalyticsAnalytics icon
    Analyse website traffic

  • BloggerBlogger icon
    Publish your organisation's blog on the web

  • CheckoutCheckout icon
    Complete online purchases more quickly and securely

  • Custom SearchCustom Search icon
    Create a customised search experience on your website

  • DoubleClick for AdvertisersDoubleClick icon
    Manage, traffic, serve and review your online advertising

  • DoubleClick for PublishersDoubleClick icon
    Manage your ad inventory

  • EarthEarth icon
    Explore the world from your computer

  • FeedBurnerFeedBurner icon
    Analyse subscriptions to RSS feeds that you publish

  • FinanceFinance icon
    Business info, news and interactive charts

  • Google+Google+ icon
    Real-life sharing, rethought for the web

  • GroupsGroups icon
    Create and participate in public discussion groups

  • iGoogleiGoogle icon
    Add news, games and more to your Google homepage

  • KnolKnol icon
    Share what you know

  • MapsMaps icon
    View maps and directions

  • Merchant CenterMerchant Center icon
    Submit your products to Google

  • ModeratorModerator icon
    Gather and prioritise questions or opinions from a group of people

  • NewsNews icon
    Search thousands of news stories

  • OrkutOrkut icon
    Meet new people and stay in touch with friends

  • Picasa Web AlbumsPicasa icon
    Find, edit and share your photos

  • PlacesPlaces icon
    Claim or add your business on Google

  • ReaderReader icon
    Get all your blogs and news feeds quickly

  • SketchUpSketchUp icon
    Build 3D models quickly and easily

  • Translator ToolkitTranslator Toolkit icon
    Get tools for translators to translate your pages and documents faster

  • User Managed StorageVoice icon
    Allow users to purchase additional storage for Google Docs and Picasa Web Albums

  • Voice (U.S. only)Voice icon
    Manage calls and voicemail more easily

  • Webmaster ToolsWebmaster Tools icon
    Improve your site's visibility

  • Website OptimizerWebsite Optimizer icon
    Build effective websites

  • YouTubeYouTube icon
    Watch, upload and share videos

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