Android phone sung pan kawllai chatting a kingah bangmah in Kawllai tawh kigelh website te na simtheih na ding in
  1. FrozenKeboard_1.1.3.apk (Zawgyi keyboard) 
  2. Zawgyi_One.apk (zawgyi-one font kisam hamtang)
  3. iTextmm2.apk (zawgyi keyboard namkhat, text message a ding)
A tung a 3 teng lakpan Zawgyi_One.apk pen na install loh a pha mawh a hihi.
Tua zawh ciang in FrozenKeyboard_1.1.3.apk pen install in.
Tua hi leh hong lemthei ding hi.
install dan pen memory card sung ah guang inla na phone sung ah install in.
Na Install zawh teh Frozen keyboard hong suak ding hi.
Frozen keyboard pen maan pia in.
Tua zawh teh font ah zawgyi_one teel in.
Tua teh na phone hong ki restart ding hi.
Hong ki turn on/na turn on peuh teh ki zang thei pah ding hi.
FrozenKeboard na download in
Zawgyi_One na download in

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Keyboard a link a om hang in si in, Zawgyi pen a link om kei ei. Ong et sak kik dih oo ...

Download Zawgyi Keyboard and font
Mediafire | Minus | Filecloud

A lem penpen tawh download in iTextmm2 zong tawh sin khawm theih dingin ong puah kik ingh.

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