Here is how your friends/family or a PC technician can get into your PC with your permission .it's very useful if you want to share files/folder or fix your PCs error like installing/uninstalling that what you didn't know how to install things.he/she can access the whole system of your pc if you give full permission while turning on the pc.

Note: this is only tested on Windows Vista [Home premium] *maybe all vista edition can have the same features*
The performance is depend on your ISP packages & your family/friends's location .

Step1: Go to "Start"
Step2: "All programs"
Step3: "Maintenance"
Step4: "Windows Remote Assistance"

Step5: Let's say here you want someone to help you So click the Top one
"Invite someone you trust to help you"
Step6: "Save this invitational as file" don't chose the second one it use Outlook Express if you don't interested in that :) .on Windows 7 the new feature was added called " Easy Connect"
Step7: Use your Email [Gmail,Yahoo,MSN] to send the file ,it's only some KB .
Step8: Wait till your family/friends open the invitation file ,Don't Close your screen otherwise you have to do the same thing again .

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