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Z= Zomi te hanlungciam khangtodiam!!!!!

Today I'm a baby but tomorrow I'll be a President. Tg. Ngin Sian Thang

Today I'm an orphan boy but tomorrow I can have an Airline. Tg. Ngin Sian Thang

Na minthan ding hanciam ke'nla, na taangtut ding hanciam in.


Hong nuihsan kei…


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20 Ways To Increase Laptop’s Battery Life

increase laptop battery life Mobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery. So here are we are going to look at ways to increase laptop battery life.

Modern graphic intensive operating systems and resource hungry applications are cutting down the life of your laptop’s battery every day. The average battery life per continuous use still stands at a maximum of three to four…


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What is Love???

What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love. To some Love is friendship set on fire for others Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it. No matter how you define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of…


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A New Fad - Tattoos

There’s a new fad that is circulating around our culture and it has found its way into the lives of Christians. Many young Christians are asking, “Should I get a tattoo?”

The Bible is loud and clear on this subject. The Word of God says,

Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any… Continue

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Fix/repair problem with unplayable MP4/3GPP, missing Atom??


First of all, I hope this post stands in the right thread, if not maybe a Mod wil help moving it.

I've been busy for a while now with this problem and I have googled for quit a while, learned alot but didn't find the solution for my problem yet.

I've got a problem with a mp4 movie wich i've recorded with my phone. After I've accidentily deleted it, I tried to recover it with an undelete program.. Wich worked perfectly in the past..

But now i… Continue

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Slow Computer Solutions & Repair. Free Help for Computer Running Slow


Essentially, it has to do with increased demand on resources. Over time we add: music, games, pictures, MOVIES!; and these begin to use up the finite resources of the computer. Before long, there are too many processes, too little RAM, and too little Disk Space.


Every year, 43 percent of computer users lose irreplaceable data. - PC… Continue

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I think my computer is infected or hijacked. What should I do?

Going through this checklist step-by-step to the end will actually save you time in restoring the security of your computer. You can proceed through most of the steps without having to wait for guidance from someone in the forum.

Please note that if you're here because you're infected and you're planning to ask for help in our Security Cleanup forum, then this is the link you should go to. It's shorter and it is kept up to date more frequently.

You will have to close your… Continue

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Zomi mekuang luiding te

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Zogam-Zomi Lokhawhzia ding

Lokhawh zia

Zomi te khamtung ah ih nuntakna bulpi pen lokhawh ahih man in, mundang taai ni, lo kho nawn kei ni ih cih kei ngal leh ih lokhawh zia tampi ngaihsut phat ding om ding hi. Lokhawh dan amun leh gam om zia tawh ki tuak in daan tuamtuam ki zangh ahihi. Khamtung gam a lokhawh zia pen, kumsim in lokhawhna na khek den ih hih man in ih gam in hong cin zo nonlo in, ni khat ni the,singkung teng bei in, khuahun kisia… Continue

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