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* WillSOL Tedim Lai Siangtho for Mobile Phone Lai Siangtho Bu puak khak lohna mun ah, Manglai pet guap guap a Lai Siangtho sim zong nuam mah mah hi. Zolai Lai Siangtho sim hong nuam zaw lai hi. Napai pai na muh ah nong tonpih, nong luppih, Na hun awng sung a nong mek mek : ka sungah Tedim Lai Siangtho Bu hong guangve. Na phawk khak loh hun tom no sung in Thupha ngah na leh Limpha hong suak sak ding hi veng.
* Will SOL Tedim Lai Siangtho MIDlet
* Size : 1.82 MB [free]
* Version : 1.0.3 (last update april 1, 2010 22:46)
* Screenshot Nokia 5310, Nokia N97, yours.
* Ka Phone sungah bangci dan a Guanding.
Free Zomi Bible for your Mobile phone.

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